Sunday, 24 July 2011

News Report: Bankole 'Boys" Pressure Anti-Corruption Chairperson

Farida Waziri
The Bankole "boys" in Nigeria's House of Representative led by Speaker Aminu Tambuwal have started pressure on chairperson of the country's anti-corruption agency, the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), Mrs. Farida Waziri, to soft pedal on the recent prosecution of the immediate past speaker of the House for corrupt enrichment of self while in office, chidi opara reports have learned.

Mrs. Waziri, according to Presidency contacts, is favoured to head a mega anti-corruption body that would result from the proposed merger of EFCC and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission(ICPC).

chidi opara reports learned that Mrs. Waziri's career in the Nigeria Police, from where she retired as an Assistant Inspector-General(AIG), is being discreetly investigated by the House of Representatives. So far, according to a House insider, "vital information, different from what the public know about Mrs. Waziri have been discovered." This investigation we learned have been deliberately leaked to Mrs. Waziri.

Mr. Aminu Tambuwal was reported to have been hand in glove with Bankole in corruption during the 6th session in which he was a principal officer and Bankole the speaker for most of the life of the session. "He was to be arrested before he became speaker", an EFCC contact in Lagos whispered to a chidi opara reports network member.

In what appears to be a fight back from friends of the EFCC chairperson, some politicians from Akwa Ibom State led by Senator Etang Umoyo have called for the resignation of the Speaker, accusing him of abuse of office. The group accused him of illegally swearing in Mr. Eseme Eyibo as a member in place of Mr. Bassey Dan-Abia, whom the group said was the right person.

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