Friday, 9 December 2011

Editorial: chidi opara reports Is Four Years Old Today

On the 9th of December, 2007, we published our first news report.

Before this outing, a few other news blogs had appeared on the scene. Most of these were published from abroad. The problems of accurately reporting events in Nigeria from abroad were obvious.

Most of these foreign based Nigerian news blogs published on minor servers whose operators can be easily intimidated.

When we came together to deliberate on the idea of publishing a news blog from Nigeria that cannot be easily intimidated, the need to publish on a major server was uppermost in our minds.

We settled for the platform which publishes on Google server. Aside from Blogger's relationship with, Blogger's services are free and since we were planning to publish credible news information free of all charges, Blogger became our choice. We also chose a name related to a visible person for the sake of credibility,

One of the initial problems was how to recruit volunteer news reporters, but we later discovered that the task was not as difficult as we thought. News reporters in Nigeria often have their reports "killed" when such reports are against the interests of their employers. It was from these professionals we recruited the first batch of our network members.

We do not have much to say at the moment than to thank our network members, those who have been providing us with news tips and our numerous readers.

We also promise to continue to publish credible news information free of all charges.

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