Wednesday, 23 February 2011

News Release: NPPiD organizes 2011 Nigerian Presidential Aspirants Forum

NPPiD In One Of Its Sessions
The Nigeria Peoples Parliament in Diaspora (NPPiD) will feature Nigeria’s presidential candidates in a program tagged “2011 Nigerian Presidential Aspirants Forumand scheduled for Saturday March 12, 2011 in New York City. Each candidate will be given equal time to outline his vision, manifesto and program if elected.

The session is tailored to enable presidential aspirants to address a global Nigerian audience on the specific details of their mission and their strategies for lifting Nigerians from the quagmire of missed opportunities, economic stupor and poverty.

Several candidates have already confirmed their participation in the special event, designed to introduce the presidential contestants to Nigerians in the Diaspora and to challenge each candidate to articulate his vision for Nigeria.

This special session, coming approximately one month before Nigeria’s presidential elections, offers a rare opportunity for the candidates as well as Nigerians resident abroad to ponder the problems and prospects of their country.

The session is consistent with our resolve to provide a platform for citizens and friends of Nigeria resident abroad to renew, rework and repair the fabric of the Nigerian nation, and especially to participate in the promotion and deepening of democratic ethos and ideals in Nigeria. The Nigeria Peoples' Parliament in Diaspora NPPiD) is convinced that Nigerians who reside outside the shores of the country have a responsibility and duty to be engaged and invested in the democratic process in Nigeria.

In recognition of the fact that a significant number of Nigerians reside abroad and that they have great potential to help shape or influence events in their nation, the NPPiD is particularly proud to host this extraordinary forum which is set to be covered by the foreign and Nigerian media.

Invitations to the Presidential Forum have been extended to all the aspirants, and we are delighted by their enthusiastic response.

We hereby invite all interested Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who desire a culture of issue-based campaigns to attend this stimulating session with the presidential candidates and to make their voices felt on the way forward for Nigeria.

Date:    Saturday March 12th 2011 

Venue:  LaGuardia Crowne Plaza, New York
              104-04 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY, 11369

Time:    10 a.m. prompt

 To reserve a seat please send your name to


Okey Ndibe

Laolu Akande
Deputy Speaker

George Komi

The NPPiD is convened by the Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF)

News Report: Nigerian News Bloggers Under Renewed Security Surveillance

Since the outbreak of protests which removed the Tunisian and Egyptian leaders from power and currently threatening to oust the Libyan leader, the Nigerian security apparatus have placed Nigerian news bloggers under renewed security surveillance, chidi opara reports have learnt.
High level insiders in the State Security Service(SSS) and National Intelligence Agency(NIA) have confirmed to us that major Nigerian news bloggers are under renewed security surveillance because of the protests in North Africa. It is believed that the Tunisian and Egyptian protests were facilitated by news bloggers.
One major surveillance method, security contacts informed, is "e-mail flagging", a sysytem by which the e-mail address of a targeted news blog is typed into an electronic apparatus with specific coded commands. This apparatus alerts security operatives whenever the targeted e-mail address sends or receives mails from certain persons or organizations.
Another major surveillance method, chidi opara reports also learnt is "e-mail bugging", this system involves sending mails with links and/or attachments with certain codes embedded, to a targeted e-mail address. When the recipient open the links and/or attachments, the password is extracted, stored and sent to the sender's e-mail address. This password is used to read mails sent and received by the targeted e-mail address.
Although, we have not been able so far to confirm the specific bloggers that are targeted, but we can confirm now that most of those targeted  are based in Nigeria.
chidi opara reports' investigation indicates that there are fears in Nigerian security circles that a certain presidential candidate in the forthcoming general election is planning to incite his supporters to start anti-government protests if he does not win. The presidential candidate known to have large followers at the grassroots, also have activists as his running mate and spokesperson.
This Journal's web Administrator revealed that "last week alone, our service provider notified me that five suspicious activities were noticed in our e-mail account which resulted in five password changes."