Thursday, 31 March 2011

Report: Report of the International Labour Office for the Fourth Conference on the Least Developed Countries In Istanbul - 9-13 May 2011

This report was prepared under the general guidance of José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Executive Director of the Employment Sector of the International Labour Organisation, and Moazam Mahmood, Director of the Department for Economic and Labour Market Analysis. Moazam Mahmood, Director of the Department for Economic and Labour Market Analysis, contributed the chapter on Growth Employment and Decent Work in Least Developed Countries. Research assistance was provided by Hwa Lee, and Evangelia Bourmpoula.

Duncan Campbell, Director, Advisor to the Executive Director of the Employment Sector contributed the work on MDGs. Research assistance was provided by Giovanna Centonze. Iyanatul Islam, Senior Economist in the Employment Policy Department, and Sarah Anwar, Technical Officer in the Employment Policy Department, contributed the chapter on Macroeconomic policies to promote job creation and poverty reduction in LDCs. Research assistance was provided by Ishraq Ahmed.

Marion Jansen, Senior Specialist for Trade and Employment, contributed the chapter on Harnessing trade for growth, employment and poverty reduction. Erik von Uexküll significantly contributed to the writing of the chapter.

Per Ronnas, Senior Employment and Development Specialist, contributed the chapter on What a country produces matters: agriculture, industry and services.

Fredric Lapeyre, Employment and Informal Economy Specialist in the Department for Employment Policy, and Sher Verick, Economist in the Department for Economic and Labour Market Analysis, contributed the chapter on the informal economy and labour market institutions.

Terje Tessem, Chief of the Employment-intensive Investment Branch in the Department for Employment Policy, contributed the chapter on the Role of Public Investments and Public Employment Programmes.

Irmgard Nübler, Senior Economist in the Department for Economic and Labour Market Analysis contributed the chapter on Promoting Catching-up growth and productive transformation in LDCs: A new approach.

Christina Behrendt, Social Security Specialist in the Social Security Department, contributed the chapter on Social Protection: Investing in People.

The report benefited from the collaboration and comments from Aurelio Parisotto, Senior Economist in the Department for Policy Integration, Jane Stewart, Director of the ILO Office for the United Nations New York, and Amber Barth, Program Officer at ILO Office for New York. Hwa Lee put the report together. Kevin Cassidy was responsible for printing. The support of the ILO-Norway project on Policy Coherence for Growth, Employment and Decent Work for the reproduction of the report is gratefully acknowledged.

News Release: Umu-Imo In USA Endorses Senator Godwin Ifeanyi Araraume

Senator Araraume
After carefully reviewing the profiles and manifestos of all the Governorship Candidates contesting for the Governorship of Imo State, 2011. We, the entire members of Umu-Imo USA, an umbrella organization of all Imo State citizens in the United States hereby endorse Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, the Candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria as the NEXT credible GOVENOR of Imo State.
Furthermore, Senator Araraume is the only candidate who understands the sufferings of Imo people. His administration has promised to bring back the Imo of our DREAM by offering the following programs:
Free & qualitative Primary and Secondary School Education, Reduction in Tuition fees in state owned tertiary institutions, security of life and property, Bringing an end to the pervasive fear and terror in Imo State, Job creation and a reduction in the level of unemployment, Protecting retirees and their pensions, Providing grants as aid to mission schools and hospitals, free maternal and child health care services in government institutions, and creating enabling environment for businesses and investments. As well as provide infrastructural maintenance culture for economic growth.
We therefore, encourage all Imo people to VOTE massively for SENATOR GODWIN IFEANYI ARARUME in the upcoming Governorship election on April 16, 2011.

Prince (Dr.) Harold Kay Njemanze               (National President—Owerri Zone)
Dr. Dominic Amaechi Esq.                             (Vice President –Orlu Zone)
Chief Lambert Ezeala                                     (Vice President­—Okigwe Zone)
Dr. Charles Onyirimba Esq.                           (Chairman Board of Directors—Okigwe)
Mazi Lawrence Anele                                    (Executive Director, Finance—Orlu)
Commissioner Pascal Udumukwu                (Political Director—Okigwe)
Dr. Vincent Amucha                                      (Board Member—Okigwe)
 Mr. Ken O. Dike (CPA)                                  (Publicity Director—Urualla, Ideato)
Engr. Nkemdi Ohalete                                   (Board Member—Okigwe)
Mr. Lawrence Amushie                                 (Board Member—Owerri)
Austin Njoku Rph                                          (General Secretary—Owerri)
For and on behalf of Umu Imo, USA

News Report: Opposition Party Stalwart In Nigeria's Imo State Alleges Election Rigging Plans

A stalwart of the opposition Action Congress Of Nigeria(ACN) in Imo state Nigeria and facilitator of the SLAP Initiative, Mr. Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha have alleged election rigging plans by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) in Imo state in consort with the governor of the state, Chief Ikedi Ohakim. Ohakim is contesting for re-election on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).

Iwuoha, who is a staunch supporter of Senator Ifeanyi Ararume, the ACN's governorship candidate in the state in the forthcoming election alleged that "the Vigilante would be used to frighten and intimidate the people of the state on the days of the election. The Police in the state would look the other way while these are going on."

The SLAP Initiative facilitator alleged further that Youth Organizations would be armed and used to cause trouble if there is any resistance from opposition parties.

Iwuoha revealed to chidi opara reports that on March 17th 2011, there was a meeting between leaders of some Youth Organizations and governor Ohakim's representatives at The Ranch Hotel Owerri. The Governor's representatives allegedly mandated these Youth Organizations to make available their members who would be used to thumb print ballot papers in "special homes" across the state. He said that "INEC would make available colour photocopies of election documents in pooling centres, while the originals would be given to Ikedi Ohakim for onward distribution to special homes for thumb printing." Iwuoha alleged further that the Youth organizations were given the sum of fifty thousand naira each.

The ACN stalwart and Senator Ifeanyi Ararume staunch supporter alleged further that the INEC Resident Commissioner(REC) in Imo state,  Professor Selina Okoh received various sums of money from governor Ikedi Ohakim through the governor's Special Assistant On Electoral Matters, Mr Steve Asimobi. Professor Okoh have allegedly pledged assistance to the governor.

Efforts by chidi opara reports to reach the office of the governor and that of INEC in Owerri for comments though e-mails and phone calls were not successful.