Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Opinion: Season Of Empty Threats

By Okoronkwo Hillary
Every election cycle Nigerians always issue threats demanding a free and fair election. In the on-going (s)election cycle, we added another word to our demands. In addition to our previous demands, we also wanted a credible election. So it must be free, fair and credible. All I ever wanted was a free election.
'Rig or you die', 'Die as you rig', 'Protectors of women votes', all kinds of reckless and bare groups exploded. Heaven will let loose if the election were rigged. No one, not even the PDP paid any attention to these immobilized groups. The problem appears to be that we have not defined what a free and fair election is much less a credible one.
If the rigging is scientific and clean like just witnessed, do we call it fair or free or both? Free of what, I might ask? The problem is that Nigeria has lost its soul. Majority of the uncompromised giants and fearless ones among us who spoke on our behalf at difficult times like these have all been called home. We have compromised imbeciles, self serving journalistic nonentities and senseless commentators in various newspaper houses across Nigeria. OK I take it back there are one or two good ones left. We know that one of these rare breed is not currently serving as the Chairman of the editorial board of the Guardian newspapers.
The Presidential (s)election process is over and Jonathan 'won'. I get it. Nigerians have renewed the mandate of the leader of the political party that have received so much into our treasury and have nothing to show for it. This is exactly who we are and what we wanted. I get that, another four years of empty rhetoric by the same gangsters.
I have dialogued with many and am yet to find one coherent and logical explanation of what happened and why. Some of the most disgusting and nauseating arguments I heard was that the Southerners are very tired of the Northerners who believe that ruling Nigeria is their birth right. Consistent with this generally accepted belief, the South West using the ACN broom overwhelmingly swept Ribadu out of their homes.
The (s)election process was surgically done that even my good friend Dele Momodu ended up embarrassingly with one vote allocated to him in his polling station. The part I like the most is that the prayer warriors are now working overtime to turn Jonathan's attention to the plight of the poor. If you criticize the (s)election, you are labeled a sore loser. We must be optimistic and give Jonathan a chance to succeed. He is a good man and he must be allowed to perform his magic.
This is all too familiar and it is getting boring to say the least. The original forecast was that PDP will rule Nigeria for 60 years. At the rate we are going, I am ready to change forecast to at least 100 years or as long as crude oil money continues to pour in.
In closing, I am revealing to you that Nigeria is populated mostly by brave cowards. We simply like to talk and issue empty threats without planning or the courage to follow through. The 'rig or you die' group must not have seen the Akwa Ibom results yet. It is not mathematically impossible for the total votes cast to be 107% of registered voters. After all, miracles do happen.
To all of the sore losers like myself, and the contestants who were not (s)elected this time, I say better luck next time. I am so glad this season is nearly behind us.