Sunday, 22 May 2011

News Report: Nigeria's President To Get Security Cleared Cabinet List This Week

President Goodluck Jonathan
High level security contacts have hinted chidi opara reports that the Nigerian President will get list of cabinet nominees that have scaled through security clearance by Wednesday this week.

The list, which was submitted two weeks ago, according to a contact, "is being cleared in batches". The last batch, we learned, would be ready tomorrow. Another security contact hinted that "the final list with the security report,  should be submitted on Wednesday".

We were unable to obtain a copy of the list, but a reliable Presidency contact hinted that "the President's team will consist mostly of politicians". The President have been under pressure from elements within the Nigerians In Diaspora Organization(NIDO) to appoint mainly technocrats into his new cabinet.

Despite reports that the President is resisting pressures from political godfathers to foist their proteges on him, whispers however has it that there is a likelihood of the new cabinet being dominated by nominees of influential first class traditional rulers and bigwigs of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party(PDP). Whispers also has it that there would be a dominance of the new cabinet by old names.

Network members in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city, report that many prominent traditional rulers and politicians have temporarily re-located to the capital city to lobby for themselves or for their proteges.

chidi opara reports noticed the presence of key aides of a first class traditional ruler from the South-West, who is known to be close to Nigerian rulers at a five star hotel in Abuja throughout last week. The rich and flamboyant oba was however, not sighted. Efforts made to speak to these aides were rebuffed.