Friday, 8 July 2011

U-Report: International Speakers Gather For Nigeria’s 1st Conference On Online Recruitment

Carey Eaton: One Of The Speakers
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On 26 July 2011, Nigeria’s number one jobs website, is presenting Recruiting 2.0, Nigeria’s first conference on online recruitment with the theme “Internet Recruitment, talent wars and effective winning strategies”. The event holds at the Civic Centre in Lagos and is presented in partnership with Marina Medical Services.
Speakers for the event include Thomas Shaw, a leading Australian Online Recruitment Technology specialist who was the first to launch social networking recruitment applications for Facebook and MySpace; Carey Eaton who has served as Product Director and Chief Information Officer of, the world's largest online recruitment business with market capitalization of $2.4billion and market leading job sites in Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Mexico and throughout South East Asia; and Harvard MBA alumnus Kofi Afaedor, who served as Senior Product Manager for responsible for internet product development and marketing across 18 European countries.
“Online Recruitment has changed the landscape of recruitment forever; transforming the recruitment processes for companies of all sizes and in all industries,” said Ayodeji Adewunmi, who is President and Co-founder of the company. “The impact has been sweeping, yielding unprecedented cost and time savings to all who get involved.  Online is here to stay. Online is the future. Failure to understand online recruitment and to harness its power to improve recruitment strategy, reduce recruitment costs and minimise search turnaround times will seriously disadvantage any company and reduce its future competitiveness”.
At Recruiting 2.0, the speakers will unlock key insights by showing how to increase efficiencies with online recruitment methodologies. The event will also provide a platform for speakers to share their insights, knowledge and experiences to help Employers, Recruitment Agency Executives, Recruitment Advertising Executives, Corporate HR Executives, Recruitment Specialist and Executive Search Consultants save time and money by using online tools. Participants will learn about online trends and future directions in recruitment and be inspired by the latest innovations in online recruiting and how these new technologies can work for them.
“We are the nation’s Number One Jobs’ Website and that reflects in everything we do. It is just part of who we are to pioneer outstanding ideas, and that is what we have shown with the event and its theme which are consistent with’s strategic positioning, to not just make jobs available to the teeming talented Nigerian youths, but to equally empower our clients in ways they can become better at hiring the best hands in the highly competitive and complicated recruitment market place,” said Balogun Asher, the company’s brand and marketing executive.
Topics to be covered include:
  • Recruiting to 2020 and what you need to do about it
  • Navigating the Tech maze: understanding the role of new media
  • Into the future: trends and predictions in recruitment - how to be well positioned.
To further empower recruiters, there will be a special feature which will centre on the presentation of a CIPM (Chartered Institute of Personnel Management) research analysis titled: “Effectiveness of Online Recruitment in Nigeria”.   The presentation will shed light on the Nigerian recruitment marketplace and create a bigger view of same while giving an understanding of how people look for jobs, and help recruiters put up the best opportunities - revealing information that is unique and specific to our environment.
Recruiting 2.0 will enable participants to explore new and exciting approaches in recruitment, while also addressing how to co-exist with more traditional approaches and methodologies. The conference will have a strong focus on hands-on practical issues, case studies, and sharing of knowledge through highly interactive sessions.
The event is strictly by invitation.