Wednesday, 31 August 2011

News Report: Nigeria’s Secret Service Declares Alleged Al Qaeda Man Wanted

The Bombed UN Building
Nigeria’s secret service, famously known as State Security Service(SSS) have today in Abuja declared one Mamman Nur wanted in connection with the recent bombing of the United Nations' building in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.
In the news release made available to chidi opara reports and other news media, the spokesperson of SSS, Mrs. Merlyn Ogar described Mamman Nur as “a notorious Boko Haram element with Al Qaeda links, who returned recently from Somalia”.
Mrs. Ogar revealed that the Security Service had earlier arrested Messrs Babagana Kwaljima and Babagana Mali, acting on ‘Precise Intelligence” received before the bomb blast.
The SSS spokesperson said that the news release was intended to douse “various speculations and misrepresentations in the media”.
The release also described Nigeria as “currently being threatened”.