Sunday, 25 September 2011

News Release: “Please Help Bring Gang Rapists To Book”

Mrs. Mercy Odochi Orji
The Wife of Abia State Governor, Mrs. Mercy Odochi Orji condemns in totality violence against women as she is in the forefront of championing the course of womanhood and promoting the girl child education, advocating against child abuse, labour and trafficking; teenage pregnancy and prostitution.

She is hereby appealing for a lead to help bring the perpetrators of the rape case to book as investigations are ongoing at the Abia State University to get the five men gang who allegedly raped a young woman; whether it took place in the University or outside the University or
Anywhere else.

As a Mother, she is appealing to the young girl that was abused to pick up courage and come forward and help investigators fish out the scoundrels. The shame she feels not withstanding; such an action will help to put a stop to such criminality.

Nnaji Obed Asiegbu 
(Special Assistant on E-Governence to Abia State Governor)