Thursday, 6 October 2011

News Report: UN Building Bombing Caused Shortage Of Immunization Vaccines In Nigeria

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has announced that there is shortage of vaccines for immunizations in Nigeria as a result of the bombing of the United Nations’ headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.
The announcement was made yesterday by the Acting Executive Director of NPHCDA, Mr. Emmanuel Abanida, during a chat with news reporters in Abuja.
Abanida stated that the incident at the United Nations’ building hampered the operations of UNICEF, a UN agency responsible for the purchase of the vaccines.
The Acting Executive Director explained that NPHCDA has asked the authorities to move funds for the purchase of vaccines from the capital to the recurrent budget to ensure speedy release.
Abanida revealed further that the disturbing situation would have been managed without it being noticeable if not that the fund meant for regular immunizations was used for measles campaign which did not appear in the budget last year.
The Acting Executive Director said that the measles campaign prevented the outbreak of  the disease which would have claimed the lives of millions of children.

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Transtroemer, 80, is 108th winner of Nobel  Prize in Literature. Photo Credit: AFP

Article: Governor Rochas Okorocha And The Rape On Imo State

Governor Okorocha 0n Inauguration Day
By Kenneth Uwadi
On Monday, 3rd October 2011, I received a mail from a Mr.  Chinedu  who  threatened to deal with me for  what he sees  as  giving  the  government of  Owelle  Rochas  Okorocha  a bad press. The threat was in reaction to an article I wrote on governor  Okorocha’s autocratic government in Imo State published in some national dailies and in some online news outfits. The Mr. Chinedu called me a grumbling loser. He said I am the man who along with Chief Ikedi Ohakim siphoned the resources and finances of  Imo  State. Na waow for him-o. If Mr. Chinedu has any evidence of crime against me, he should not hesitate to report me to the appropriate authorities for my arrest and prosecution and should stop sending me empty threats.
To me, my article looks  unpalatable to Mr. Chinedu  and  attracted  his  uncontrollable outburst  because he is one of  the uninformed, money hungry, favour seeking, supporters of the present unproductive government of Imo State that I have been talking about . The proper thing that he ought to have done was to respond to the article and  point out what he see as the good side of  his boss thereby leaving the judgment for the people to make.
 Unfortunately, Mr. Chinedu did not think it wise to do this simple work. Instead, he dragged himself into the theatre of absurd and comically rehearsed how he hopes to deal with me for portraying his boss in what he described as bad press. Chinedu should know that we have thousands of voices against the misrule going on in Imo State. We have thousands of voices against dictatorship taking place in Imo. We have thousands of voices against the daylight rape on Imo State.
Governor Okorocha believes that the end justifies the means; that fear rather than love is the best weapon in the hands of a ruler or leader; that a ruler or leader has no business keeping to his promises, that in fact, the best ruler or leader is that who is a master of lies and deceit.  Above all, that a good and successful ruler is one that is very ruthless with his subjects.
Those who saw Okorocha to power are now all licking their wounds: the party leaders, the financiers, the okada riders, the market women, the farmers, the students, the workers, etc.  They are all weeping now in Imo State. Every group has its own painful story to tell. They are all wondering if this is the same Owelle they defied the sun and the rains for his sake, risked their lives and their all to get him to power. The people are all shouting now that  Owelle is driving Imo  into a rock of destruction. The people are now singing a new song (Ikiri ka Onyeoshi mma e e)
Mr. Chinedu should  tell me why  I should not join other Imolites in  shouting  against a governor that runs  to USA and other parts of the world now and then  to squander investment  funds  as opposed to giving  employment  to the youths  in Imo state. Mr. Chinedu should tell me why  i should not join other Imolites in  shouting against  a  governor who dissolved elected council chairmen via radio broadcast and appointed his boys as SOLAD  of the LGA’s  and  is  busy  looting  council funds. He should tell me why I should not join other Imolites in shouting against a governor who goes to the media to announce allocations sent to the LGA’s while the money he claims in the media that he gives the local government councils is different from what actually gets to them.
Mr. Chinedu should tell me why  I should not join other Imolites in  shouting  against a governor who finds it difficult to pay salaries to workers and who refused to pay minimum wage to Civil Servants of the state. He should tell me why I should not join other Imolites in shouting against a governor who sacked 10,000 Imo sons and daughters in the Civil Service and turns round to provide 100 vehicles  for Imo State Police Command to harass the jobless youths of the state. Mr. Chinedu should know that for his boss,Okorocha, to sack 10,000 workers ,he has pushed the  sacked workers into kidnapping and armed robbery.
In a very brilliant write up in a forum, Prof.  Dimgba  Igwe  asked Owelle’s supporters  if, in keeping with his promise,  Imo people are being rescued today?  If Okorocha can be said to be doing well for the state. The answer is a capital ‘NO’. Government in Imo today is Owelle’s only. Those in government today are suffocating. For self respect, endurance has become their motto. Governance in Imo State today is one huge deception.
Most of his fanatical supporters are today his worst victims. The students were ready to die for him. Today Okorocha is ready to harm them. When students in the state called for a 50,000 man march against his government over the sack of 10,000 graduate workers, what did he do? He stationed military police all over tertiary schools in the State with a shoot at sight order. He promised to pay 100 naira daily to  each primary and secondary school students in the state  but yet he sacked 10,000 workers in pretence that Imo cannot pay the salaries of the 10,000 workers. Who is fooling who?
The market women were ready to die for Governor Okorocha. What is their reward today? We were told that they are being driven out of most of their locations. What affordable alternatives have they gotten up till now? Are their children not among the sacked 10,000 workers?  What have they benefitted from their hero apart from tears and harsh conditions?
Teachers were ready to die for the man who they saw as a Messiah. Today, instead of bread, Governor Okorocha is offering them stones. 5000 teachers were among the sacked 10,000 workers. Teachers are owed salaries. He even made jest of teachers of the state daily by saying that some of them will be drafted to teach the Awusa’s in Imo under contract.
The workers erroneously believed that a people’s welfare conscious governor was coming to power and so they were ready to die for him. Today, they know better. Okorocha was the first Governor to boast on the National Television that he is going to pay the minimum wage. Today, he has reneged on his promise. He has resorted to threats.  When workers went on strike over the minimum wage, what did Okorocha do? He ran away from the state like a chicken. Okorocha is not moved by their strike action over minimum wage. He is a master of the game. He is prepared to dribble them till the end of his tenure.
Okada riders were ready to die for Owelle who promised them that Okada will return to Owerri  when  elected. Today, they know better. Where are the Okadas in Owerri? Owerri, the once cleanest city in Nigeria is now very dirty. When was the last clean up exercise in Imo state?  Four months ago.  We are tired of this government by deceit. Save us o’ God.
(Uwadi  writes from Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State,Nigeria)

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