Saturday, 22 October 2011

Special Report: Profiling Ghadaffi’s Children

Muommar Ghadaffi
Gaddafi's eight children have reputations for extravagance like their father. Four are in exile while one is on the run. Their privileged lives have been disrupted or ended by the collapse of their father’s regime of 42 years.

Relationship within the family was hitherto that of mutual suspicion, but in February the anti Ghadaffi protest broke out the late former Libyan strong man’s seven sons and one daughter reportedly closed ranks.

Libyan officials who fell foul of Ghadaffi's children are known to have lost their jobs and forced into exile.


Saif al-Islam, is the best known of the late Libyan strongman's sons, in and out of Libya. He was captured in Misrata.
Saif al-Islam speaks English and studied at the London School of Economics. He was considered heir-apparent to the Libyan seat.
He, like his father, was wanted by the International Criminal Court(ICC) for crimes against humanity.
Ghadaffi's other sons; Mo'tassim, Khamis and Saif al-Arab are dead. Mo'tassim was once a national security adviser.
Khamis was the commander of Libya's best equipped military unit, the 32nd Brigade. He was wounded in the 1986 U.S. bombing of Tripoli. 
 Saif al-Arab who was also wounded in the 1986 bombing of Tripoli was earlier killed in a NATO bombing. The late playboy who once got into a fight with a bouncer in a Munich nightclub studied in Germany. 
Late Ghadaffi's remaining children are reported to be safe in neighbouring countries. Saadi fled to Niger last September, three other ones are said to be in Algeria. The Algerian government gave refuge to Gaddafi's wife, daughter Aisha and sons, Hannibal and Mohammed last August.  Aisha studied law in France, she was in late Saddam Hussein's defence team.