Thursday, 10 November 2011

News Release: Igboville Condemns Killing Of Igbos In Northern Nigeria

Ojukwu: Igbo Leader
We the members of Igboville wish to condemn in the strongest term possible the continuing targeting and killing of Igbo men, women and children living or working in parts of Northern Nigeria.

Most worrisome is the targeting and killing of Igbo youth corpers who were posted to the North to serve their fatherland. While we are yet to come to terms with the gruesome and heartless murder of Ikechukwu Ukeoma and his colleagues
last April, our attention has been drawn to the merciless killing of Eucharia Remmy and others in Damaturu, Yobe State. It is totally unacceptable and MUST stop forthwith.

We hereby demand the following
1. NYSC should immediately cancel the posting of any Igbo person to the volatile areas of the North. Obviously, neither the NYSC nor the state governments can guarantee their safety. 2. All Igbos currently serving in the volatile areas of the north should be re deployed to the South East, South West or South South, till security conditions improve. 3. Employers and NYSC should not sanction Igbo Corpers that abandoned their primary assignments because of security concerns. Life first. 4. The governors of south east states should immediately meet with their northern counterparts to map out strategies to ensure the security of life and properties of Ndigbo living in the North. Immediate evacuation of those in harm’s way should be carried out without further delay. 5. The federal and relevant state governments should ensure adequate compensation for our people who lost their lives and properties in recurring violence across the North.

While we continue to believe and have hope in one Nigeria, that is the greatest country in the world, we will not support the blood of Ndigbo being used to water the tree of Nigeria unity. We have shown sufficient faith in the Nigerian project and that explains why our people are in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria spreading development, peace and love. Those targeting Ndigbo are basically targeting ONE Nigeria. We should not allow them to win.

Igboville is therefore calling on all Igbo youths and groups to please avoid acts of retaliation in any form. We are Christians and our traditions strongly forbid bloodshed.

We are also calling on the federal government of Nigeria led by Dr Goodluck Jonathan to rise to its responsibility of protection of lives and properties of Ndigbo and Nigerians. Every necessary measure must be taken to preserve life and defeat the insurgents, who represent nothing but darkness.

The federal government should also as a matter of urgency convene a National Conference involving all nationalities that make up Nigeria. This will enable all aggrieved groups and interests table their issues for discussion and remedy. We cannot continue to pretend that all is well with our unity. Not when active war is being levied on the Federal Republic by a group whose best stated objective is to carve out an Islamic Republic from our current structure. We believe that it is the duty of the federal government to create an avenue for demands such as that to be peacefully tabled and discussed in the spirit of oneness and brotherly love.

God Bless Igboville

God Bless Ndigbo

God Bless Nigeria.

Signed for Igboville:

Emeka Maduewesi (USA)
Emeka Chuks Obinnwa (UK)
Uche Onuh Lucas (NIGERIA)
Uzoamaka Jennifer (NIGERIA)
Valentine Uche Chukwuma (USA)
Maria Afikpo Chic (NIGERIA)
Okafor Udoka (UK)
Godwin Endi Okorie. (NIGERIA)
Nelo Fina (NIGERIA)
Inno Uzuh (NIGERIA)
Mbaekwe Amobi (UAE)
Johnson Okeagu Abiriba (GERMANY)
Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu (USA)
Eneh Victor Chigozie (NIGERIA)
Mary Ikoku (NIGERIA)
Nnanyelugo Ani (UK)
Ethel Onoh (ITALY)
Ngozi U. Chigbundu (NIGERIA)
Nze Anizor (NIG)
Uju Nwokorobia (USA)
Eresi Grace Okoh (IRELAND)
Philip Akwari (IRELAND)
Nkechi Violet (NIGERIA)
Ogbonnaya Agwu (NIG)
Uchechukwu Enyidi (NIG)
Camilus Ogechukwu Ukwubuaku (ICELAND)
Samuel Kalu (NIG)
Gaius Onu Ndukwe Onu (NIG)
Elvis Nwachukwu (SCOTLAND)
Afam BC Nnaji (NIG)
Kachi Eluigwe (AUS)
Chin AKano (UK)
Chris Ojinnaka (NIG)
Ndubuisi Ojimadu (NIG)
Paul Kalu (NIG)
Christopher Chineme (NIG)
Joseph Inem (USA)
Onyemaechi Nwamba (NIG)
Nick Nwauda (USA)
Onuoha Kingsley Chuks (NIG)
Sandra Paul Nenye (NIG)
Chijioke Ogbonna (NIG)
Benjamin Emenike David (UAE)
Daniel Elombah (UK)
Frank Ogugua Okoye (NIG)
Chidi Okonta (NIG)
Kingsley Uzoaganodi (NIG)
Grace Iwuagwu (NIG)
Kachi Eluigwe (NIG)
John Okoroni (NIG)
Hon. Nelda Chioma (NIG)
Johnpaul Edochie (NIG)
Iyk JP Igwe (UK)
Simon Ufomba
Chukwuemeka Eric Chukwuemeka (NIG)
Joy Okefi Babatunde (NIG)
Shawn Joe (NIG)
Larry Iloh (UK)
Prince Emeka Ezeani (NIG)
Hon. Obinna Kelechi Oliaku (FINLAND)
Okwudili Michael (NIG)
Xavier Ikeche (NIG)
Augustus CJ Chijioke (NIG)
Stella Ude (NIG)
Chukwuma Christopher Osaji (NIG)
Obichi Ikechi (USA)
Damian Uchenna Ugwuanyi (NIG)
Maxwell Ohtugo (Netherland)
Orji Chigozie Udemezue (NIG)
J Duke Anago (UK)
John Obasi (Hong Kong)
Eresi Emole (NIG)
John Okiyi Kalu (NIG)
Kelechi Nwagbaraocha (NIG)
Obinna Ukwueze (NIG)
Charles Okoronkwo (NIG)
Benneth Ikenna Abanihe (NIG)
Socrates Ebo (NIG)
Hrm Eze Akuenwebe Emechebe (SA)
Mazi Yako (NIG)
Uju Nwankwo (NIG)
Chinnaya Mba (USA)
Amechi Benson Ugwu (UK)
Nnaemeka Franklin Ugwoke (NIG)
Aguzuru Magnus Valentine (NIG)
Mitt Okorie (UK)
Pascal Zubby (NIG)
Chidiebere Sunday (NIG)
Matthew Mbanaja (NIG)
Uchenna Ezima (NIG)
Kingsley Okigbo (NIG)
Uju Muolokwu Nwolum (NIG)
Ugochukwu Ogbonna (NIG)
Chambee Excel Chigozieh (NIG)
Eze Christopher (NIG)
Uchenna Chester Azubuike (NIG)
Eric Uchenna Chimara (NIG)
Emeka Ibe (NIG)
Ben Ireke (Malaysia)
Camilius Egeni (USA)
Yvonne Mbanefo (UK)
Igboegbunammadu Okechukwu Lawrence (MALAYSIA)
Amaefule Fabian Maduabuchi (Nigeria)
Duke-Bright Enyia (NIG)
Vincent De Paul Ajagu (USA)
Ike Chidolue (NIG)