Friday, 18 November 2011

News Report: Nigeria To Impose Fines On British Airlines

Dr. Harold Demuren: NCAA Helmsman
 Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is to impose fines that would total up to $235 million on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic over operational abuses.
The London-Lagos-Abuja route normally plied by British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Arik Air, recorded fewer flights this week as a result of the rift. chidi opara reports learned from contacts in NCAA that negotiation was effected which allowed the three airlines to continue their operations on the route.
Fines of $135 million and $100 million are to be imposed on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic respectively for price fixing, abuse of fuel surcharges and taking advantage of passengers.
Contacts close to NCAA Director General, Dr. Harold Demuren hinted us that investigations into the matter have been on for the past six months.
The rift deepened last month when Britain’s major airport, Heathrow, stopped Nigeria’s Arik Air from plying the Abuja-London route, Nigeria then threatened to reduce British Airways operation on the very busy Lagos-London route from seven to three weekly.
NCAA insiders also revealed to chidi opara reports that  the negotiation was concluded on the agreement that operations would continue till ending of December when NCAA is expected to step into the British airlines’ exorbitant ticket prices.
Checks have revealed that British airlines charge far more fares on Nigerian routes than on Ghanaian routes.