Wednesday, 4 January 2012

News Release: “To The Streets, Oh Nigerians!”

The June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations (J12CODEF) condemn in strong terms the wicked, inhuman, satanic, unconstitutional, fraudulent, barbaric, illegal, insensitive, undemocratic, dictatorial, irresponsible and invitation to anarchy hike in the price of petrol by the clueless administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and is hereby calling for an immediate reversal of the price to N65 per litre.
We recall that Nigerians have been unequivocal in rejecting government proposed policy of removal of fuel subsidy by advancing superior arguments on the social dislocation that the policy will generate far above the Federal Government fraudulent argument of using subsidy savings to provide safety nets. We also recall that this issue is still undergoing debate in the National Assembly which is composed of the representatives of the people who are constitutionally empowered to make laws for the country but who have been circumvented in this new policy by executive fiat in utter violation of the constitution.
The June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations is also using this medium to remind the Nigerian people that the Goodluck Jonathan administration has shown that it is a government of lies and deceit and thus betrayed the people’s trust by going behind their back to hike the price of petrol on Jan 1st 2012, when in actual fact, its functionaries have always publicly asserted that no date has been fixed yet for the removal of fuel subsidy.
The Coalition is also using this medium to admonish Nigerians not to accept a kobo increase in the price of petrol due to the fact that this so called fuel subsidy is a lie that doesn’t exist. The fraud can be seen in the fact that the price of a barrel of crude oil which contains 99 other bye products is based on 100 dollars at the international market. From a barrel of crude oil, you get 150 litres of petrol and all the fuels in a barrel of crude oil amounts to 10% of it. All the fuels includes petrol, aviation oil, wax, brake oil, diesel, kerosene, engine oil, gas, polyprothelene, black oil and petrol is just 1% of the 10% of the fuels in a barrel of crude oil. Therefore, the price of the fuels in a barrel of crude oil is just 10% of the 100 dollars which amounts to 10 dollars and if the exchange rate is 160 naira to a dollar, then 10 dollars is equivalent to 1600 naira. In consequence of this, then petrol being 1% of the 10% fuel will cost just 16 naira and every other addition to this cost are nothing more than taxation apart from freight and insurance. So if the fuel subsidy cartel claims to have been importing petrol at above N120 pump price to Nigeria, then they deserve to be investigated and prosecuted by the EFCC for economic crime rather than the government inflicting hardship on the ordinary Nigerian by raising petrol prices beyond their reach.
We are hereby calling on all Nigerians to rise up together to challenge this illegal and inhuman policy of petrol price hike by the Goodluck administration by joining forces with the organized labour, civil society groups and other pro masses organizations to assert their God given fundamental right to dignity which is about to be taken away because sovereignty belongs to the people.
We have been reliably informed that a patriotic protester was shot dead on Tuesday 02/01/2012 at a peaceful rally against the illegal and inhuman petrol price hike in Ilorin, Kwara State by the Nigerian Police Force which is funded with the Nigerian people’s money. We want President Goodluck Jonathan and the head of the security agencies to strongly note that they shall be held accountable for this murder and any further loss of life or injury sustained by any Nigerian in the course of this just and legitimate struggle to reclaim our sovereignty.
Your’s sincerely,
 Baba Omojola,                                                                                    Nelson Ekujumi
Chairman.                                                                                            General Secretary

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