Tuesday, 6 March 2012

News Report: Chevron’s Gas Rig Fire Off Nigeria’s Coast Stops

KS Endeavor On Fire. Photo Credit: Chevron
The fire that destroyed a Chevron gas rig, KS Endeavor, off Nigeria’s coast has stopped after forty-six days. The fire, rumoured to have been caused by natural gas killed two of the company’s workers, an Indian and a French.
The stoppage was announced today by the American Oil and Gas major.
“Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) announced that the fire at the site of the Funiwa 1A natural gas well offshore Nigeria ceased burning on Friday, March 2. The well stopped flowing on its own.
CNL has detected no natural gas flowing from the well since the fire ceased burning and is monitoring the area continuously.
CNL will continue to drill the relief well to permanently plug and abandon Funiwa 1A”, the company said in a message titled Gas Well Fire Offshore Nigeria No Longer Burning” posted on its website.
The fire started after an explosion on January 16th at Funiwa field near Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta region. The rig later sunk into the Ocean.
Up to the time of preparing this report, the real cause of the fire has not been unraveled.

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