Wednesday, 25 April 2012

News Report: Amnesty International At 50 Urges Petition Against Shell Operations In Niger Delta

Corporations often exploit the weak regulatory systems in many poor countries, which makes the people living there some of the most vulnerable to corporate human rights abuses.

Oil has polluted the land and water of the Niger Delta, but the oil companies responsible have yet to clean it up properly. Meanwhile, local people have lost their livelihoods. Their health and their future are at risk.

Join Amnesty International’s global week of action that started on 21 April and help stop Shell’s corporate abuse of human rights in the Niger Delta. Start now by signing our petition. It’s time to hold Shell to account.

As Shell prepares for its Annual General Meeting in May, it’s time to remind the Chief Executive, Peter Voser, of the company’s obligations to the people of the Niger Delta.

Sign our petition to Peter Voser, demanding that Shell Own Up to all the damage caused by its exploitation of the region. Shell must Pay Up for the cost of a Clean Up operation and compensation for those affected. 

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