Monday, 9 April 2012

News Report: The World Federation of Trade Unions Pledges Support For Nigerian Workers

The World Federation Of Trade Unions(WFTU) has pledged to support Nigerian workers to fight anti-Labour policies of the Nigerian government and the private sector employers.

Alexandra Libeli, head of communication of the World Trade Unions body made this pledge while addressing Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) leaders and leaders of  the informal sector workers in Lagos.

“The WFTU established in 1945 is out to reaffirmed its position on campaigning against imperialism, racism, poverty, environmental degradation and exploitation of workers under capitalism and in defense of full employment, social security, health protection, and trade union rights by governments all over the world. We declared our support to the workers in Nigeria on ways to fight against Federal Government anti-labour policies that would add more to the suffering of workers in Nigeria and this was demonstrated during the fuel strike in January 2012", The WFTU communication chief stated.

 “During the fuel strike crisis in Nigeria, WFTU, on behalf of its 82 million members from 120 countries, denounced the decision of the Nigerian government to end the fuel subsidy for the people which will bring about further increase in the price of petrol in addition to the existing living conditions of the Nigerian people, the poverty and the high prices for the daily essentials that are already a huge burden for the popular family”, 
She reiterated.

Libeli expressed regret that Nigeria, the biggest Oil and Gas producer in sub-saharan Africa is being exploited by Oil and Gas majors while the populace live in abject poverty.

”As part of our efforts to advance our international agenda, the WFTU develops working partnerships with national and industrial trade unions worldwide as well as with a number of international and regional trade union organizations. We express our support to our brothers, the working people of Nigeria and we express our internationalist solidarity to the strikes and their struggles by demanding that the government of Nigeria immediately address its anti-labour policies,” she promised.

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