Saturday, 23 June 2012

Opinion: Azazi Gone At Last; Beyond Azazi’s Exit

Azazi gone at last! Good riddance to bad rubbish you dare say.
For what manner of security adviser will not conceive a paradigm shift in the security architecture of the country but would spend valuable time blaming the federal government for not spoon-feeding the North?
Beyond Azazi's exit, the new security adviser (Col. Sambo Dasuki) must pay attention to community policing. If they say state police is neither feasible nor addable, let there be structures for community policing, so that communities and neighbourhoods can be assisted by government to secure and defend themselves in synergy with the police.
The police as presently constituted have not been able to tackle crime and criminality in our country. What has sufficed for a long time now is neighbourhood and community policing. It requires training and funding.
An example of the efficacy of community policing is; few years ago, my hometown , was besieged by criminals. But the local vigilante introduced by the Chief/Igwe of the town, which gulps about one million monthly to maintain, did the magic. It is not that crime is nill ther now, but at least the townspeople can now sleep at least with one closed.
But poor funding is their bane because they receive no assistance from the state government. Yet, state governors receive over =N=250 million per state for security vote monthly. What exactly is security votes for if not for maintaining security in the state? Why should the law allow governors to keep such funds to themselves, leaving the people imperiled?
Furthermore, beyond Azazi's exit, the new security adviser (Col. Sambo Dasuki) shall advise the presidency to set-up 20 man national security committee (This will not be politically inclined to be chaired by The Nigeria Vice-President  Namadi Sambo:
Automatic Membership For All Ex-Presidents Of Nigeria:
1. Gowon
2: Shagari
3: Obasanjo
4: AbdulSalam
5. Sonekan 
6: Babangida:
7: Buhari 
with key leader that will represent the Igbo (maybe leader of APGA), with all the Muslim leaders and key Emirs in the North, with Representative of Christian Association of Nigeria, with people like Ribadu, Shekarau, El Rufai, Tamakar Tukur, Bola Tinubu, Fashiola and even President Goodluck Jonathan as members.
The aim is to seek a common ground on how best to put an end to the menace of Boko Haram in Nigeria.  Politics aside, there will be common ground and agreement on the best ever possible and strategically possibilities to bring this menace to an end.
Mayowa Michael Adeleye
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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