Friday, 31 August 2012

News Report: OPEC Says “Daily Basket Price Stood At $110.66 A Barrel Thursday, 30 August 2012”

OPEC said today that the price of its basket of twelve crudes stood at 110.66 dollars a barrel yesterday, compared with $109.90 the day before.  

The Oil cartel in a release monitored by chidi opara reports, said that the new OPEC Reference Basket of  Crudes (ORB) is made up of the following:

(1)Saharan Blend (Algeria)
(2)Girassol (Angola)
(3) Oriente (Ecuador)
(4)Iran Heavy (Islamic Republic of Iran)
(5)Basra Light (Iraq)
(6) Kuwait Export (Kuwait)
(7) Es Sider (Libya)
(8) Bonny Light (Nigeria)
(9) Qatar Marine (Qatar)
 (10) Arab Light (Saudi Arabia)
(11) Murban (UAE)
(12) Merey (Venezuela).

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