Sunday, 30 September 2012

Videonews:Troops To Enter Kismayo

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Speech: UN Secretary-General Says “Terrorists Acquiring Nuclear Materials Among Most Unnerving Threats Imaginable”

UN Secretary-General; Ban Ki-Moon

(Being text of UN Secretary-General’s remarks at the high-level meeting on countering nuclear terrorism, with a specific focus on strengthening the legal framework, in New York on 28 September, 2012)
Thank you all for participating in this important high-level meeting. I especially thank the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force Office for organizing this session and for bringing together the relevant United Nations partners working on this issue.

The prospect of terrorists acquiring nuclear materials is one of the most unnerving threats imaginable.  Yet some have already stated their hopes of obtaining nuclear weapons.  Still others may be working in the shadows to achieve this goal.

We must use all our tools to contain this nuclear genie.  As we confront other challenges relating to nuclear disarmament, we cannot allow these arms to proliferate to non-State actors or terrorists.

The international community has already taken important steps to address this threat.  We have a solid foundation in the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism, and Security Council resolution 1540 (2004).

The Convention, with 82 States parties, enhances international cooperation to prevent nuclear terrorism and to prosecute and punish perpetrators of such acts.  Resolution 1540 counters the threat posed by nuclear, biological and chemical weapons by pressing States to adopt comprehensive measures to prevent non-State actors from gaining access to weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery for terrorist purposes.

Now we must build on this progress.  That is why in March, at the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, I set out five focus areas to address the threat and suggested that we convene today’s meeting.  This meeting covers the first area:  consolidating the global nuclear security architecture through universal adherence to international instruments and a rigorous review mechanism.

I urge all countries to become party to the Convention, implement it at the national level, and fully comply with resolution 1540 (2004).

We must also do more to build up the capacity of States to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and related materials.  The United Nations system is already providing wide-ranging assistance.  We are determined to better respond to national needs.  Any act of nuclear terrorism would gravely threaten international peace and security. I call on all of you to respond with a strong sense of resolve. 

Thank you.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

News Report: Nigeria Stops Pilgrimages To Mecca Over Women Row

Nigerian Female Pilgrims Deported From Saudi Arabia

Credit: Reuters

Nigeria has suspended flights to Saudi Arabia for the annual haj pilgrimage, following a diplomatic spat over the detention of hundreds of female pilgrims for arriving unaccompanied by men.

Saudi authorities have deported more than 600 female Nigerian pilgrims and detained hundreds for trying to visit the holy city of Mecca without male relatives.

Aminu Tambuwal, Nigeria's parliament speaker and the second most powerful Muslim in the government, was due to visit Saudi Arabia on Friday to try to resolve the spat.

"The airlift operations have been temporary stopped ... It does not make sense to airlift people to be detained on landing. We will resume when all outstanding issues are resolved," Uba Mana, spokesman of National Hajj Commission, said by telephone.

Women in Saudi Arabia are regarded as minors and require the permission of their guardian - father, brother, or husband - to leave the country, receive some kinds of medical treatment or work. They are not allowed to drive and are usually expected to be accompanied by a male chaperone.

"The Nigerian pilgrims came with their visas stating that they have to have a male guardian accompanying them, either a brother, a husband, or another relative," Saudi Haj Ministry spokesman Hatim Kadi said.

"Some came with their guardians and were allowed to enter. Those who came without their guardians were not. They violated the regulations which were clearly printed on their passports."

In Nigeria, where there are 80 Million Muslims, many practice a less restrictive form of Islam in which women are more or less free to move around as they like.

"I use this platform to plead with our compatriots, to leaders in Nigeria to be mindful of statements that we make on this issue so that we don't aggravate the situation," Tambuwal said late on Thursday.

All Muslims who are able are required to perform the haj at least once, as one of the five pillars of Islam.

The numbers taking part have risen sharply over the last 80 years from around 20,000 in 1932 to nearly three million in 2011.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

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News Report: Nigerian Rights Worker Wins Norway Human Rights Prize

Nnimmo Bassey

Credit: Reuters

A Nigerian man who has fought against environmental destruction on behalf of poor Africans has won an annual Norwegian human rights award that sometimes presages the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Rafto Foundation said on Thursday it awarded Nnimmo Bassey, 54, its 2012 prize to recognise his fight for the right to life, health, food and water, particularly for those disadvantaged by the global oil industry.

"Nnimmo Bassey links human rights to the climate by demonstrating how climate change has the greatest effect on the world's most vulnerable people, the very people who have contributed least to the problem in the first place," the Bergen-based Rafto Foundation said in a statement.

The award comes as East Africa is going through a boom in oil and gas exploration and as several west African nations prepare to extract hydrocarbons.

"Nnimmo Bassey points to the injustices Africa has had to tolerate through the way the rich world has for many years exploited the continent's large resources of fossil fuels," the foundation said.

Bassey is the chair of Friends of the Earth International, a grassroots environmental organisation.

Four previous Rafto laureates - Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi, East Timor's Jose Ramos-Horta, South

Korea's Kim Dae-jung and Iran's Shirin Ebadi - went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in subsequent years.

Bassey in 2010 was also the winner of the Right Livelihood Award, which bills itself as the Alternative Nobel Prize.

News Release: 2012 Right Livelihood Awards go to UK, US, Afghanistan And Turkey

The 2012 Right Livelihood Awards go to four recipients. One award is an honorary award, the three other laureates will share the €150,000 cash award.

Hayrettin Karaca (Turkey) receives the 2012 Honorary Award “for a lifetime of tireless advocacy and support for the protection and stewardship of our natural world, combining successful entrepreneurship with effective environmental activism”.

The Jury awards Sima Samar (Afghanistan) “for her longstanding and courageous dedication to human rights, especially the rights of women, in one of the most complex and dangerous regions in the world”. It is the first time that a Right Livelihood Award goes to Afghanistan.

The Jury recognizes Gene Sharp (USA) “for developing and articulating the core principles and strategies of nonviolent resistance and supporting their practical implementation in conflict areas around the world”.

The Jury awards the Campaign Against Arms Trade (UK) “for their innovative and effective campaigning against the global trade in arms”. 

The 2012 Right Livelihood Awards were announced today at a press conference in Stockholm by Ole von Uexkull, Executive Director, and Monika Griefahn, Co-Chair and Jury member of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation.

Right Livelihood Award Foundation:
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(Communications Consultant)
Sharan Srinivas 
(Programme Manager)
Phone: +46 8 70 20 340