Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Petition: Amnesty International Urges End To Forced Evictions In African Cities

Every year in African cities thousands of families are thrown out of their homes by the authorities or others without human rights safeguards. These forced evictions shatter lives. People not only lose their homes, but also their possessions and jobs, and children are forced out of school. People living in informal settlements, or ‘slums’, are most at risk because they may lack formal permissions for the place they live.
This is a massive injustice. No-one can be forcibly evicted, no matter where they live. This is illegal under international and regional human rights standards, which African governments have committed to. Often carried out in the name of ‘development’, forced evictions drive people deeper into poverty and result in many people becoming homeless and destitute. Forced evictions are a problem, not a solution, and they must end.  

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