Saturday, 14 April 2012

News Release: MEND Agip Trunk Lines Attack Update

On Friday, April 13, 2012 , at about 0210hrs Nigerian time, fighters of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D.) attacked and destroyed one manifold and one wellhead on a trunk line operated by Agip Oil Company, in Clough Creek, Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria . 

As opposed to our earlier intentions, there will be no pause in our assault on the Nigerian oil industry. There will forthwith, be sustained strikes on all pipelines and facilities remotely related to the Nigerian oil industry. Additionally, M.E.N.D. will commence with attacks on MTN South Africa infrastructure in the Niger Delta region.                         
Concerning attacks on MTN related infrastructure, M.E.N.D. will issue shortly, a set of guidelines to MTN employees, customers, and owners of properties accommodating MTN related communication equipments. These guidelines are intended to minimise civilian casualties and forestall the unnecessary destruction of privately owned properties accommodating MTN equipments.                   

At this juncture, we deem it necessary to address a misinformed editorial published in the Nation newspaper of Sunday, February 12, 2012 .                   

Ordinarily, this article which is bereft of intellectual value is undeserving of our attention. However, the misinformation disseminated by the Nation newspaper is injurious to its readership and must be checked in good time.

In its misguided editorial, the Nation affirms its confidence in the South African government and justice system. This paper, earlier published an article entitled " Libya-Nigeria , South Africa in cold war over Gaddafi's fate; Panic over likely release of Okah by South Africa . In this article, the Nation newspaper quotes a reliable Nigerian government source as saying, "if Okah is released through a circumvented process, Zuma will be the loser at the end of the day." This statement infers that the South African president is benefiting personally from the continued incarceration of Henry Okah in South Africa . How then can the Nation turn around and declare the continued detention for almost 19 months now, without trial or proof of a Nigerian citizen to be a just action?                       

The Nigerian media industry is at its lowest point with unscrupulous journalists, editors and publishers on the payroll of Goodluck Jonathan. The Nation newspaper appears to lean towards this direction.             

Nigerians will recall that the unconditional offer of amnesty made in good faith by the late president Yar’ Adua, was intended to create a conducive atmosphere for dialogue aimed at addressing the demands of the people of the Niger Delta. A Jonathan presidency and amnesty for militants were not a part of our demands and therefore will never be a solution to armed agitation for justice in the Niger Delta.                    

President Goodluck Jonathan has mismanaged the goodwill demonstrated by M.E.N.D. by misrepresenting himself and his band of charlatans as the reason for the relative calm experienced in the Niger Delta. We have never had any respect for Jonathan and today, most Nigerians understand why.         

To date, not one of the demands put forward to the Yar Adua government has been met; neither has the Nigerian government initiated dialogue aimed at addressing any of our demands.           

Our decision to attack South African investments in the Niger Delta is directly related to the conduct of president Zuma regarding the continued incarceration in South Africa of Henry Okah.             

What is happening in South Africa is a travesty of justice which must be condemned by all. What country on earth besides Nigeria  will so easily surrender its right to try someone it accuses of masterminding a bombing on its national day? Why does the South African government seek the extradition of Shrien Dewani from England for a murder committed in South Africa ?

The South African government is simply being used by the Nigerian government to hold Okah in prison for as long as it possibly can. The South African government also knowingly provided fabricated evidence to ensure Okah was denied bail in 2010. Jacob Zuma's gain in all this is financial. Sacoil Holdings is a front for Zuma's financial dealings in Nigeria . The South African president has also facilitated the award of several contracts in Nigeria to South African government owned establishments and individuals in Zuma's favour.  After years of fighting for freedom and justice, South Africans now find themselves saddled with yet another typically African, corrupt and dictatorial government.             

Yes, we will attack South African investments for the interference of President Jacob Zuma in the judicial process which has resulted in the perpetual incarceration of Henry Okah.                         

It is a shame on all black Africans that it has taken the government of Jacob Zuma less than four years to undo the work of the great Nelson Mandela and other heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle, abseiling South Africa into the abyss comfortably occupied by countries like Nigeria , Congo and Angola .  It is apparent from the success of the Nigerian government that this corrupt and politically naive South African government understands only the language of force.     

We will persist with our attacks on the Nigerian oil industry due to the inaction of the Nigerian government concerning our just demands on behalf of the oppressed people of the Niger Delta.  The Jonathan administration has  used the dubious "amnesty programme" as a guise to line the pockets of Goodluck Jonathan, his wife Patience, Jonathans cronies and members of the amnesty committee whose sudden wealth remains unchallenged by the Nigerian media.

Fighters in the delta do not posses relevant high school qualifications. Those being sent abroad are relatives and friends of Jonathan, amnesty committee members etc.                         

The entire process is a fraud on the people of Nigeria who are being promised peace in the Niger Delta, in the absence of justice.  There is absolutely nothing the Nigerian military or unprincipled sections of the Nigerian media can do that will halt our march to freedom!
The Nigerian oil industry and South African investments in Nigeria will witness an assault unprecedented in the history of armed conflict in the Niger Delta.
MEND will once and for all expose Goodluck Jonathan and his band of so called ex-militants and shameless Ijaw elders for the frauds they are!

Jomo Gbomo