Saturday, 16 June 2012

News Report: Right Livelihood Award Laureate Rosalie Bertell Passed Away

Rosalie Bertell 1929-2012; Photo Credit: Wolfgang Schmidt

Rosalie Bertell, Right Livelihood Award Laureate and international expert and activist on radiation and public health, died early morning on June 14th at the age of 83, as the Right Livelihood Award Foundation learnt on Friday.

Rosalie Bertell was a member of the congregation of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. 

According to Sister Julia C. Lanigan, president of the congregation, Bertell had been hospitalized for a week for advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She had been battling cancer for the past two years.

Ole von Uexkull, Executive Director of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation, said: "Rosalie Bertell was a pioneer of science for the people. She always put her vast knowledge at the service of the public and its right to know, and she never shied away from conflicts with powerful interests."

Rosalie Bertell had received the Right Livelihood Award ("Alternative Nobel Prize") in 1986 "...for raising public awareness about the destruction of the biosphere and human gene pool, especially by low-level radiation."

Until her death on Thursday, she had been active in battles for health and justice. Her spirit, work and determination have inspired countless other Right Livelihood Award Laureates who expressed their grief in many messages to the Foundation.