Sunday, 12 August 2012

News Report: Ogoni Self-Government To Establish Bank

Ogoni Flag

Barring any hitch or last minute change of plan, the Ogoni self-government will soon establish a bank to be known as “Ogoni Savings And Investment Development Bank (OSIDBANK)”.

OSIBANK, when established would have branches throughout Ogoniland with Ogoni farmers, traders and cooperative societies as shareholders.

chidi opara reports learned  from Ogoni Self- Government insiders that some retired Ogoni bankers have been commissioned to work on the proposal for bye-laws; shareholders, rules for staffing, operations, reporting procedure and management board set up.

OSIBANK, we learned further, would be formally established by end of August, 2012.

Ogoni self-government insiders hinged the proposed establishment of OSIDBANK on Article 5 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), which they reiterated, empowers indigenous peoples to operate within their peculiar socio-political, economic and cultural institutions.

The bank’s profits, we were hinted, would be used to finance agriculture, education, women empowerment, leadership development and International cooperation.

Speech: UN Secretary-General Speaks On International Youth Day 2012

Today’s generation of youth the largest the world has ever known, and the vast majority of whom live in developing countries has unprecedented potential to advance the well-being of the entire human family.  Yet too many young people, including those who are highly educated, suffer from low-wage, dead-end work and record levels of unemployment.

The global economic crisis has hit youth the hardest and many are understandably discouraged by rising inequalities.  A large number have no immediate prospects and are disenfranchised from the political, social and development processes in their countries.  Without urgent measures, we risk creating a “lost generation” of squandered talent and dreams.

Working with and for young people is one of my top priorities.  Youth are a transformative force; they are creative, resourceful and enthusiastic agents of change, be it in public squares or cyberspace. 

From their pivotal role in efforts to achieve freedom, democracy and equality, to their global mobilization in support of the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, youth have energetically demonstrated yet again their capacity and desire to turn the tide of history and tackle global challenges.

Young men and women are not passive beneficiaries, but equal and effective partners.  Their aspirations extend far beyond jobs; youth also want a seat at the table a real voice in shaping the policies that shape their lives.  We need to listen to and engage with young people.  We need to establish more and stronger mechanisms for youth participation. 

The time has come to integrate youth voices more meaningfully into decision-making processes at all levels.

Around the world there is growing recognition of the need to strengthen policies and investments involving young people. 

On International Youth Day, I call on Governments, the private sector, civil society and academia to open doors for young people and strengthen partnerships with youth-led organizations. 

Youth can determine whether this era moves toward greater peril or more positive change. Let us support the young people of our world so they grow into adults who raise yet more generations of productive and powerful leaders.

Poem: Manhood Of The Christ

By Chidi Anthony Opara

Inside the womb
The foetus swam
In the pool of womb water,
Time ticked.
In the makeshift maternity ward
The mother moaned in labour,
The Christ wailed in the manger.

Time ticked,
The baby bounced to boyhood
In the land of Pharaohs
Where masters inculcated mysticism.
The baby continued to bounce to boyhood
In the land of Jehovah’s people
Where sages indoctrinated doctrines.

Time ticked,
The boy bounced to manhood.
Manhood thickened and tickled
Manhood of the Christ,
The sacred missions began.

Time ticked,
Magnetic Magdalene materialized
And mesmerized the messiah.

Time ticked,
Manhood of the Christ
Thickened and tickled
And sired scions,
One sacred mission accomplished.

Time ticked,
The conspiracy thickened,
Then the cover-up.