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Photonews: Miss China Crowned Miss World 2012

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News Release: Nigeria’s Police Chief Re-Iterates 24-Hour-Security In Eid-El-Fitri Message

IGP Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP MD Abubakar, NPM, mni, on behalf of officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force, heartily felicitates with Nigerians especially, Muslim faithful, on the occasion of this year's Eid-el-fitri celebration coming on 20th and 21st of August, 2012. He specially congratulates all Muslim faithful for a most successful Ramadan period.

It is the belief of the IGP that prayers said for the nation during the Ramadan have gone a long way in ensuring the peace and unity of the country, notwithstanding the numerous challenges facing the country. He expressed the hope that the benefits of Ramadan will continue to impact positively on the attitude of the citizenry, towards a more secure and prosperous Nigeria.

The IGP also assures the general public, particularly worshipers, travelers and in deed all well meaning Nigerians that the Police Force, in the discharge of its constitutional responsibility, will continue to do everything within its capability to provide adequate security for everyone across the country. It is on this note that the IGP strongly warns all miscreants and mischief makers of all shades and colour, in their own interest, to keep away from disturbing the public peace, as the Force will stop at nothing to bring law-breakers to book.

In the spirit of the season, Nigerians are once more enjoined to be their brothers keeper, by ensuring that information on all suspected criminal activities and plans are promptly reported to the Police or other sister security agencies, as prevention is better than cure. The public is reminded of their very vital role of collaborating with the Police in the fight against crime and criminality, as this has really been the cornerstone of Police successes in recent times.

Meanwhile, to ensure a peaceful and incident-free Sallah celebration the IGP has directed all Zonal AIGs and State Command Commissioners of Police to take adequate measures to ensure the provision of water-tight security across the country before, during and after the celebration. Officers and men are to be deployed to ensure that the highways are effectively covered with motorized patrol teams. CPs are particularly mandated to personally, ensure that all places of worship, recreation centres, resorts and other public places are adequately and effectively protected, to enable worshipers and the general public enjoy maximum fulfillment.

In addition, all Zonal AIGs and CPs have also been advised to ensure the provision of 24hrs security around all government installations, facilities and other related valuable targets. The IGP warned officers who will be deployed during the period, to ensure that they comport themselves within the confines of the law. They must be firm but polite, civil and professional in the discharge of their assigned roles giving due regard and respect to the fundamental human rights of all Nigerians at all times.

Finally, the IGP re-emphasized that his commitment and that of his Management Team towards reforming and repositioning the Nigeria Police Force for greater effectiveness and efficiency is irrevocable. He seeks the prayers, support and understanding of the public, assuring that by God's grace, the battle against crime and criminality will eventually be won.

CSP Frank Mba 
Deputy Force Public Relations Officer.
For: Force Public Relations Officer,
Force Headquarters

Gallup Poll: Nigeria Media Use 2012

Courtesy:  Broadcasting Board Of Governors(BBG)

Main Findings:
Massive growth in “connectedness” in past few years. Former media gap between Hausa-speakers and others has narrowed; increase in Hausa phone ownership accounts for growth in mobile. Internet use strong across the board at 20% weekly; but varies sharply by demographic. Growth of Internet largely due to take-up of mobile Web; a shift from cafĂ©-centered Internet culture. More than 50% in all demographic groups own mobile, except least educated (even among whom, 30% have mobiles). Mobiles widely used for non-voice activities, especially SMS, Web, social networking. News-sharing by SMS, social networking, email very important. Broadcast media still dominate for news.

This report contains results from a nationally representative, face-to-face, survey of 3,000 Nigerians aged 15 and older. The total 15 and older population covered by this survey in Nigeria numbers 92,511,000. Interviewing was conducted March 9–April 7, 2012, in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, and Pidgin by Nigerian interviewers. About one-quarter of one percent of the population was excluded due to security concerns resulting from ongoing Boko Haram attacks in central Kano. All results are weighted by age, gender, and educational attainment to reflect population projections.

Speech: South Africa’s Jacob Zuma Says “We Have All Been Saddened And Dismayed By The Events Of The Past Few Days”

President Jacob Zuma

Premier Modise,

Ministers and Deputy Ministers,

Ladies and gentlemen of the media,

I have just returned from the SADC Summit in Maputo to be with the people of the North West, the workers in our mines, the families of those who have lost their lives or been injured, and with the Police Service in this hour of mourning.

We have all been saddened and dismayed by the events of the past few days and hours around the Marikana mine.

The loss of life among workers and members of our Police Service is tragic and regrettable.

These events are not what we want to see or want to become accustomed to, in a democracy that is bound by the rule of law, and where we are creating a better life for all our people.

We do not expect such incidents, particularly in a country where there is a high level of organization within the labour movement. We have trade unions with many years of experience in organizing workers, within the framework of the labour laws of the country.

Today, our thoughts are primarily with the families of those who have lost their lives.
As government and as fellow citizens, we offer our sincere condolences to all families who have lost their loved ones.

Our thoughts are also with those who are recovering in hospitals and clinics.

Our thoughts are also with our Police Service who are at times called upon to intervene in difficult situations.

The events of the past few days have unfortunately been visited upon a nation that is hard at work, addressing the persistent challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

We undertake this work in conditions of peace and stability, working with all sectors in our country.

We also work with international investors and development partners who have over many years derived great benefits from working in, and associating with South Africa.

We assure the South African people in particular, that we remain fully committed to ensuring that this country remains a peaceful, stable, productive and thriving nation, that is focused on improving the quality of life of all, especially the poor and the working class.

It is against this background that we have to uncover the truth about what happened here.

In this regard, I have decided to institute a Commission of Inquiry. The inquiry will enable us to get to the real cause of the incident, and to derive the necessary lessons.

However, today is not an occasion for blame, finger-pointing or recrimination.

Today challenges us to restore calm and to share the pain of the affected families and communities.

Today is about reminding ourselves of our responsibilities as citizens. We have rights that are guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic, such as the rights of association, assembly and freedom of expression.

We can protest against any institution peacefully. It is one of the cornerstones of our hard won democracy.

However, as I said, this is not a day to apportion blame. It is a day for us to mourn together as a nation. It is also a day to start rebuilding and healing.

We have gone through painful moments before, and were able to overcome such challenges through coming together as a nation, regardless of race, colour, creed or political affiliations.

We must use that national trait again during this difficult period.

Most importantly, we will not be derailed from the progress we have made as a country since 1994.

We will continue with our task of consolidating our hard-won freedom and democracy. And we will continue working tirelessly, to build a united, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa.

I thank you.

Opinion: Governor Mimiko And The 2nd Term Imperatives In Ondo State

Governor Olusegun Mimiko
By Kayode Ajulo Esq

Opposition parties in Ondo State are at their superlative wit, this should be anticipated as people of the state are no push over when it comes to the matter that define their destinies, they are discerning, principle, logical, eagle eyed and mentally alert.

Whatever therefore, that is expected to make a meaningful mark in justifying the attack against the incumbent must then be well structured for overreaching effect.

I am not thus surprise with the irrational and defeatist argument of the opposition parties' supporters in Ondo state is that any student who repeats a class is a student who has failed!

I need to say and I must quickly state that I have an interest in that kind of class and failure as I pray to be in this class one day and ''failed'' so that I can repeat the class as Dr. Olusegun Mimiko would do going by the irrepressible testimonies.

It is therefore postulated that if Governor Fashola of Lagos is repeating a class, Gbenga Daniel could repeat a class in Ogun; if Peter Odili could repeat a class in Rivers; If Donald Duke could repeat a class in Cross River; if Bukola Saraki could repeat a class in Kwara; if Tinubu-former Governor of Lagos and national leader of ACN could repeat a class, If Segun Agagu could spend all he had to repeat a class in Ondo state and subsequently succeeded in robbing Mimiko at a 'gun-point' in 2007 before the court of law caught him red-handed and retrieved the stolen property to the rightful owner; if President Obasanjo could repeat a class in 2003 and still wanted to repeat it again in 2007 until the constitution said enough is enough; if governor Oshiomole of Edo can be repeating a class; if governor Obi of Anambra, the ones in Benue, Adamawa, Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, Katshina and many other states of Nigeria could seek to repeat a class and many are still interested including the ones in Ekiti, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, in seeking to repeat a class, then Mimiko is not only right to seek to repeat this same class, he is eminently qualified to repeat the class, and I am sure he will repeat it in Jesus name. I sincerely pray to have my way too one day and very soon, in future I will be highly interested in entering this class and also to repeat it.

I am hopefully that the needful is done in Ondo State and Dr. Olusegun Mimiko is returned without much ado and waste of resources by the oppositions, it is certain that this is the only possibility in the circumstance as the ACN candidate, Chief Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, someone I hold in high esteemed is serially and severally ab initio disqualified to contest the election; despite the party leadership bold-face, ACN is currently in dilemma on how to resolve AKETI debacle, at the last check in INEC, the learned silk’s name and that of his unknown running mate are yet to be sent to the electoral agency.

It is also an open secret in state and to all PDP faithful that Olusola Oke's extant campaign project is nothing but a strategic jamboree, towards a covert end of getting ministerial appointment. Thereby, signing him off as unserious candidate. A rumour even went viral last week that he was seen at the SSS headquarters to attend a security screening exercise for new ministerial nominees.

Without much ado, while it is quite obvious where the tides would swing to, I sincerely wish that the opposition in Ondo State if there is any sincere one should run issues based campaign and put the incumbent on his toes to the more advantage of the people of my state in making Ondo State a better egalitarian society.

(Ajulo Is A Lawyer Based In Abuja)