Monday, 27 August 2012

News Release: The New Lagos State Traffic Law As A Welcome Development

Lagos Traffic

The Nigerian Youth Council (NYC) commends the government and the good people of Lagos state for recording another first in the drive towards inculcating a positive driving culture into the consciousness of Nigerians through the enactment of the new traffic law in Lagos state.

We have watched for a long time the deterioration in the habit of Nigerians road users which has been exacerbated by the general indiscipline ravaging the land and have looked forward to the birth of the political will to tackle this monster which has claimed lives in great and avoidable numbers and are pleased that the new traffic law is a step in the right direction to restore sanity on our roads.

The Nigerian Youth Council (NYC) have also taken note of the public commendation that has trailed this new traffic law and are delighted that it is a welcome development for our democracy which is undergoing stress.

We have also noted the concerns being expressed by persons and interests with regard to this traffic law and are hopeful that this worry would be well taken care of in the pre-implementation parley being initiated by the government which is commendable.

We as well commend the legislative and the executive arm of government in Lagos State for giving us a people’s law meant to reduce the pain, agony and psychological trauma that Lagosians are subjected to daily on the roads due to indiscipline.


Comrade Peter Olawale
National President.