Sunday, 23 September 2012

Photonews: A Victim Of The Sunday 23rd September, 2012 Bombing In Bauchi Nigeria

News Release: Ondo State Gubernatorial Election Campaigns Should Be Issues Based

As the October 20th 2012 gubernatorial elections in Ondo state draws near, the Ilaje National Alliance Movement (INAMO) is shocked, disappointed and condemns in strong terms the continued negative peace threatening actions and utterances by the contending political parties. These uncivilized and undemocratic actions by the contending political parties in the run up to the election ought to be condemned by all public spirited individuals and groups because of its implication on our democracy and the polity.

The long suffering people of Ondo state like other parts of Nigeria are still waiting and desirous of reaping the benefits of democracy which ought to be addressed in the campaigns of these parties rather than the assaults, threats, allegations and counter threats and allegations which has characterized their campaigns so far.

As the election D-Day draws near, INAMO is hereby using this medium to admonish the participating political parties to focus primarily on issues concerning the political, economic and social emancipation of the people for a peaceful and prosperous society.

We are hereby imploring the ever progressive, dynamic and enlightened people of Ondo state to be alive to their civic responsibilities by reporting any suspicious acts likely to cause a breach of public peace to the security agencies and as well coming out en mass on election day to cast their votes according to their conscience and objectively only for credible and tested candidate to take the lead in mobilizing us on the journey to the promised land.

We are equally calling on the security agencies to professionally and patriotically discharge their duty by investigating and prosecuting any incidented infraction of the law now so as to prevent a re occurrence during and after the election.

Ilaje National Alliance Movement (INAMO) is also using this medium to sound a strong note of warning to all trouble makers and vote robbers to steer clear of Ondo state as the people are already mobilized to ensure that their vote’s counts and it will surely count.

Long live, democracy!
Long live, Ondo State!!
Long live, the people of Nigeria!!!

Nelson Ekujumi                                                                      Alex Omotehinse
National President.                                                                 General Secretary.