Friday, 2 November 2012

News Report: Alex Ekwueme At 80 Colloquium Holds On 5-11-2012 In Lagos

Dr. Alex Ekwueme

The Centre For Values In Leadership(CVL) founded by Professor Pat Utomi is organizing a colloquium to honour Nigeria's former Vice-president, Dr. Alex Ekwueme who recently turned 80.

The colloquium with the theme "Re-Inventing True Federalism" would hold by 10 am at the Nigeria Institute Of International Affairs Lecture Theatre Hall, 13/15 Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island in Lagos.

In an invitation sent to chidi opara reports and other news media, CVL said that "The panel of discussants for the forum include Mr. Olisa Agbakoba (Former President, NBA), Prof Bola Akinterinwa (DG, NIIA), Senator Chris Ngige(Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria), Mr. Femi Falana, Mr. Idaye Opi, Dr. Doyin Abiola. Chairman and Moderator of the forum is Prof Bolaji Akinyemi".

CVL further revealed that "Other special invitees are: Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Former Governor of Lagos State) Mr. Akintola Williams, Chief Emeka Anyaoku and others".

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U-Report: Former Bank Executive Embarks On Indefinite Hunger Strike

Mr. Olubiyi Odunaro

Report By: Rufus Kayode Oteniya

In an uncommon twist to protesting in Nigeria, a businessman and former executive of the defunct Hallmark Bank Plc, Olubiyi Odunaro has embarked on an indefinite hunger strike over the insensitivity of the Federal Government to the plights of the victims of the banking reform.

Olubiyi who is also a member of the Association of Ex-staff of Non-consolidated Banks Nigeria (AESNBN) is protesting to press the government to redeem its obligations to the 14,000 Nigerians that were thrown out of job from 12 non consolidated banks in 2005 as a result of its policy of bank reforms without payment of terminal benefits despite gazetting it in paragraph 9 of the Guidelines to Consolidation by the CBN.

After many years of making unsusccessful plea to the governments of Olusegun Obasanjo, late Umaru Yar'Adua and Goodluck Jonathan, Olubiyi has taken it upon himself to make a statement against the political class’ insensitivity to the suffering of Nigerians by depriving himself of food
from the first hour of Thursday 01 November, 2012.

In a communication with Transparency For Nigeria, Mr. Odunaro, a former lecturer at Ogun State University who is presently the Executive Chairman of Onyx Integrated Plastic Concept Nigeria Limited – a PVC pipes manufacturing company said “This is really not about myself. It is a sacrifice for the 14,000 Nigerians involved. Many of them have died and the conditions of so many are very deplorable while the government turned deaf ears to their pleas for over 6 years. The total sum of the 14,000 Nigerians is an infinitesimal fraction of the huge sums being looted on daily basis in this country by selected few.”

Opinion: Igbos With Spine Are stepping Out!

A Road In Aba, South-East Nigeria

By Nnaemeka Onumonu
“The Campaign for Democracy (CD), South-East Region has criticized the South-East legislatures in the National Assembly for their failure to impress on the Federal Government to fix its roads within the zone.
“We are calling for their recall; most of them had preformed abysmally and the zone is no longer comfortable with their non-performing representation,’’ the group said in a statement.” .

U-Report: CD Criticizes South-East Legislators Over South-East Roads
The record of the majority of Igbo legislators have been less than abysmal if that is possible, whether it be at the federal or state level. As many governors pocketed the monies that should have been used for infrastructures, to pay teachers and other civil servants in their various states, these ‘money na hand, back na ground’ legislators looked the other way and in most cases expected these governors to share the loot with them. As the Federal government implemented policies designed to convert Ala Igbo to a waste land, these so called legislators did nothing to ameliorate the sufferings of those they were sworn to serve. As the infrastructure in Ala Igbo was deliberately left to decay, the roads becoming dead traps, the hospital killing fields, and the schools warehouses of illiteracy, an obvious attempt to contain the Igbo, these abominable legislators as usual sided with those determined to destroy the Igbo nation.
“The Igbo believe that a nation abandoned to evil men becomes an evil nation ‘A HAPURU NDI ARU OBODO YA AGHO OBODO NDI ARU’. They would not want to be part of an evil nation. A righteous nation must emerge to accommodate their just aspiration to achieve freedom in truth, and the welfare of all.” .
World Struggle For A Just World
By Maazi Chidi G. Osuagwu (Dr.)
The call by ‘The Campaign for Democracy (CD)’, “We are calling for their recall; most of them had preformed abysmally and the zone is no longer comfortable with their non-performing representation,” is on the money and could not have come at a better time.
“The diokpa maintains his authority , power and status by virtue of his credibility, good judgment and excellent performance. He does not expose his umunna to ridicule by engaging in corruption, immorality, or injustice. He does not let the Umunna suffer humiliation, injury, injustice or other form of disability at community deliberations. He will do anything and everything within legal limits to protect the interest, rights and privileges of the Umunna and to ensure that their voice is not lost at the Community Assembly. If he does this, his Umunna will be very proud of him even when they lose a case. If for any reason the diokpa consistently exposes the Umunna to ridicule, injustice, humiliation, injury or other forms of disability, the power and authority given to him could be taken away by the Umunna and handed over to another person, who the Umunna believes is capable of protecting their interest.” . Leadership Series by Ekwe Nche Organization
These legislators have no credibility left, not only have their judgments and performance been consistently poor, the welfare of Oha has been the least of their problem. They have time after time exposed the Igbo nation to ridicule by engaging in corruption, immorality, and injustice. Their action or lack of it has made it possible for the Igbo nation to suffer humiliation, injury, injustice and other forms of disability at both national and state deliberations. Their lack of spine, backbone or complete disinterest in the affairs of Ndi Igbo and their refusal to do anything and everything within legal limits to protect the interest, rights and privileges of the Igbo nation and to ensure that Igbo voice is not lost, no different from the representatives of other ethnic nationalities, at the federal discuss has become legion to the point that Igbo has become the laughingstock of Nigeria. Not only have they betrayed the trust of Igbo, they have not met the minimum requirement for representation of Igbo or any nation for that matter.