Friday, 9 November 2012

U-Report: CD Urges ICC To Probe Gowon, Others For Genocide

Biafran Children
Report By; Campaign For Democracy(South-East Zone) Publicity Arm
The Campaign for Democracy (CD), South-East Region has urged the International Criminal Court (ICC), Hague to probe former Military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon for crime against humanity.
``ICC should probe Gowon for master-minding the killing of over 2 million Igbo children and youths during the unnecessary Nigerian-Biafra civil war,’’ CD said in a two-page statement on Friday.
The statement, which was issued to newsmen in Onitsha, Anambra, was signed by Dede Uzor A. Uzor, Chairman, CD South-East Region.
``Going by the atrocities committed against the defenseless Igbos by the then military Head-of-State, Gen. Gowon and his lieutenants during the 30 months civil war; it is now crucial that Gowon and his co-horts would be arrested and brought to book.
``They should account for the deaths especially through Gowon regime's of economic and food blockades, which is not in-line with international war engagement rules.
``The starvation and economic blockade led to the massive death".
``And this harsh economic realities set-up by the regime led to the death of the cream of the Igbo-nation, who were unaware of the cause of the war in the first place,’’ it said.
The statement said that people killed during the Nigeria-Biafra war was more than the ones killed during the Liberia civil war, of which Charles Taylor was arrested and jailed by the ICC.
``We are calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to arrest Gowon and hand him over to ICC for prosecution and for him to define his role in the whole saga of the war to the World.
``Since nobody has the right to waste human lives especially to the magnitude that was lost in a mere 30 months war between people that have long-aged historical ties as a country,’’ it added.
The statement also urged the ICC to issue international warrant for the arrest of the former head of state in order to serve as a deterrent to war hungry leaders in Africa.
``Especially as the war veterans as well as some children who survived his onslaught are living and would be willing to testify in any court,’’ it said.

U-Report: More Needs To Be Done About Climate Change-UNDP

Report By: UNDP News Centre

Climate change threatens to undermine hard-won human development gains and the longer the world waits to act the more costly the damages and solutions will become, UN Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator Helen Clark said today.

Speaking at Stanford University in California, Helen Clark warned that without more coordinated global action to tackle climate change it will be increasingly hard to reduce poverty in all its dimensions and the costs of adaptation will also rise steeply everywhere.

“UNDP recognizes that the world’s 2.6 billion poorest people will be hardest hit by climate change and that its impacts could reverse decades of human development gains unless pre-emptive action is taken,” Miss Clark said.

“For the world to stay under the two degree Celsius increase in temperature, set as a threshold beyond which there is believed to be catastrophic and irreversible change to our climate, we all need to do much more, first to stabilise and then to reduce emissions radically,” she said.

Helen Clark also announced UNDP’s membership of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, the first global effort to treat short-lived climate pollutants –such as black carbon (or soot), methane and many hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – as an urgent and collective challenge.

The Coalition is a partnership between governments, non-governmental organizations and international entities and its 36 members include Bangladesh, Germany, Ghana, Sweden, USA, Stockholm Environment Institute, Climate Works Foundation and the UN Environment Programme.

“UNDP looks forward to working together with the Coalition partners to achieve widespread benefits for sustainable human development,” Miss Clark said.

“All countries can act to head off the worst impacts of climate change while also generating new industries, jobs, more sustainable ways of living, thus laying the foundations for a more stable and peaceful world,” she added.

Compelling scientific evidence indicates that fast action to reduce short-lived climate pollutants, such as black carbon, has the potential to slow down the warming expected in the first half of this century by as much as 0.5°C.

Numerous focal areas for work by the Coalition seek to promote near-term reductions of short-lived climate pollutants at a substantial scale worldwide and engage high-level stakeholders.  UNDP’s contribution to the Coalition will focus on reducing the negative impacts of hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) on climate.

UNDP is currently implementing on-ground projects showcasing safe and energy-efficient technologies with low global warming potential in the air conditioning, refrigeration and foams sectors in India, Indonesia and Malaysia under a bilateral programme with the US Department of State.

The selection of the region and countries reflect their potential to serve as a platform for future adoption of alternative technologies and scale-up by industry internationally.

Future support for various HFC-related initiatives is expected from the Coalition and will supplement the funding from the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol and other sources, to achieve additional environmental goals, such as improved energy-efficiency and a lower overall climate footprint. Actions on HFCs are seen as most cost-effective, particularly if designed in parallel with the phase-out of HCFCs under the Montreal Protocol.

The Coalition is catalyzing rapid reductions in black carbon (or soot), methane and some HFCs to protect human health and the environment now and slow the rate of climate change within the first half of this century.

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