Tuesday, 4 June 2013

News Release: Human Rights And Eritrea’s Reality

The Special Rapporteur Report on the situation of human rights in Eritrea was expected to be the result of a thorough, accurate and impartial investigation in line with the mandate from the Council. However, it falls far short of that goal.

The report affirms that the SR depended wholesale on tons of misinformation and
disinformation manufactured and circulated over the last decade and half by the sworn historical enemies
of the Eritrean people, the same forces now shedding crocodile tears about human rights in this young,
struggling African nation.

It clearly tries to advance a political agenda designed by those who used all
their resources to deny the Eritrean people their basic rights for nearly six decades. This is just another
ploy war by other means aimed at Eritrea’s sovereignty to reverse the rights for which the Eritrean
people have paid so much in blood and treasure.

We therefore urge members of the UN Human Rights Council to reject this politically motivated report which falls far short of the goals set for it.

The Council has an obligation to ensure a thorough, accurate and impartial process of investigation by its rapporteurs into the conditions of human rights in any country to protect the integrity of its mission. It shouldn't allow the process or the outcome to be politicized. 

Unfortunately, the work of the Special Rapporteur in this case was neither thorough nor accurate or impartial.

Released By:
Global Eritrea Movement Against Unjust Sanction

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