Friday, 12 July 2013

Special Report: Financial Access 2012

This report was written by a team from CGAP and IFC. We are grateful that the IMF continues to conduct its annual Financial Access Survey. We are immensely appreciative of the thought partnership and review of Leora Klapper and Douglas Randall for Chapter IV, as well as for the precious advice of Marten Leijon and Scott Gaul. We also thank Nina Bilandzic and Jasmina Glisovic for their work on Chapter III. Goran Amidzic and Alexander Massara helped in analyzing the data from the Financial Access Survey. Camilo Tellez and Michael McCord provided the content and reviewed boxes on branchless banking and microinsurance—thank you. We greatly value the careful review and insights provided by Jeanette Thomas, Timothy Lyman, Peer Stein, Peter Wrede, and Vijayasekar Kalavakonda. Anna Nunan edited the report. Finally, the support of our partners is indispensable. This report was produced with the financial support from the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs to IFC and from AusAid to CGAP.

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