Friday, 2 August 2013

Communiqué: Communiqué Of Igbo National Council At Its One Year Anniversary Lecture / Conference

The “One Year Anniversary Lecture/Conference with the topic, “The Roadmap to a Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction in 2015” held in Enugu had large turnout of major stakeholders of Igbo extraction in Nigeria politics, the conference x-rayed the plight of Ndigbo within the framework of the geopolitical expression called Nigeria, and regretted that Ndigbo have since after the civil war, which was declared No Victor No Vanquish, the Ndigbo has been confronted with an unholy conspiracy and marginalization orchestrated against them by other tribes and ethnic nationalities that make-up Nigeria.

In view of the above, the conference resolved as follows:

1. The conference condemned in strong terms the zealousness of the purported Northern Political Leaders who are strongly canvassing and campaigning for power to the north in 2015. The conference therefore advice them to thread with caution because the campaign is capable of endangering the fragile peace and stability of the country.

2. The conference called on President Goodluck Jonathan to drop his desperate ambition to seek re-election in 2015 because of his abysmal performance in the last two years.

The conference noted that President Goodluck Jonathan has failed Nigerians. He had further mismanaged the resources of the country, thereby costing more economic hardship to the people of Nigeria. We also note the state of insecurity in the country which has resulted to the lost of thousands of lives of people and property worth billions of naira within the last two years.

The conference maintained that the only solution to Nigeria’s recent multidimensional problems lies on enthroning a Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction in 2015. Failure to do this, may spell doom for Nigeria in 2015.

To realize this Project, the Igbo National Council (INC) has set-up a 21-man Synergy Committee to compliment the efforts of the Contact and Mobilization Committee previously set-up to reach-out to and mobilize the Nigerian masses to support the Project.

Furthermore, the task of the committees shall include the political mass mobilization, re-orientation, sensitization and education of Ndigbo towards the repositioning of the Igbo Race, Politically and Economically in Nigeria. The conference also called on Ndigbo of voting age to engage themselves in active Party Politics.


Chilos Godsent
National President

Zulu Ofoelue
General Secretary

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