Saturday, 10 August 2013

News Release: Governor Fashola’s Deportation And/Or Rehabilitation

Governor Fashola

Governor Fashola's action of deporting some easterners under the guise of rehabilitation or reunion has no basis in our law.

As a matter of fact it was an action begat in illegality and birthed in unconstitutionality.

Every Nigerian has a right to reside in any part of Nigeria without any molestation or harassment whatsoever and regardless of the name of the such infringement is described.

It is a rape and or a violation of the right of the victims who never complain of missing home, or sought any reunion with their kins back home.

It is an incontrovertible fact that that most of these men and women visit home at Xmas and New Year.

Pray tell me, which of Fashola's sycophantic minions lead him into this ignoble and inexcusable infamy or in the word of Patrick Obayagbon "odourferious saga of gagatuangaga"

His defence of rehabilitation cum reunion in hollow, jejune, and a gratuitous insult on our collective psyche.

I am certain he would by now have spent much more to clear the messy fallout of his precipitous action than he would have spent to "rehabilitate" these poor victims of executive intemprance and high handedness.

I would however want to appeal to our people across the country not to see it as ethnic affairs as Fashola was not acting for the Yoruba's in his short sightedness.

Let it be known that Fashola's influence in Yorubaland does not extend beyond his Lagos State.

It is also in the same vein I urge all commentators in this and other media to exercise temperance in their comment and not unduly heat up the polity.


Barr. Kayode Ajulo
Executive Director
Egalitarian Mission for Africa

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