Wednesday, 11 September 2013

News Release: Police Chief Should Secure Release Of Kidnapped Nigerian Activist Lawyer Or Resign

Ozekhome; Activist Lawyer

About three weeks ago, the sad news of the kidnap by armed gunmen of the learned silk and human rights advocate, Mike Ozekhome, SAN broke out.

And as we write no one has been able to offer the family and the whole nation the whereabouts of this latest victim of the failed system and when he is likely going to be released and reunited with his family.

And while this is the case, the Nigerian Bar Association of which Mike Ozekhome is a senior member held its annual conference without a clear statement on the grave insecurity that pervades the nation and importantly the fate of this senior member of theirs.

Should we take this as an oversight or that the body is merely affirming in clear terms that it is unconcerned about the welfare of its members?

The lamentable silence of the NBA notwithstanding, we know as a fact that Mike Ozekhome is a Nigerian, we know also that he would not have remained silent if he were here and such a fate had befallen any Nigerian.

We are aware further still, that being a citizen of Nigeria, the government owed him a duty to ensure his security and welfare which it has disgracefully failed in this respect even when it is its primary purpose.

And in this state of insecurity and palpable fear among citizens as to whose turn it will be, the Inspector General, the topmost in the echelon of security apparatus who should guarantee citizens’ security, is concerned more about getting married, while the IGP is entitled to his conjugal right, we are however of the belief that his seemingly insensitive is most unfortunately to his primary duty to the nation and its citizens.

This speaks evidently of the lack of concern on the part of the police chief, a failure to understand and live up to the responsibility that comes with his position.

We therefore demand that the Inspector General should forthwith ensure the immediate release within 24 hours of Mike Ozhekome or resign his position failing which Mr. President should remove him and appoint a more competent hand to discharge effectively the function of the office.   


Barr. Kayode Ajulo
Chairman, Board of Trustees,
Egalitarian Mission, Africa

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