Friday, 25 October 2013

News Release: MEND To Take Custody Of Kidnapped “Two High Profile Americans"

A heavily armed auxiliary outfit operating off the gulf of Guinea has made contact with our Commander-in-Chief of the Eastern Delta to inform they are holding two (2) high profile Americans, captured from an oil supply vessel off Brass, Nigeria.

The Americans will not be handed over for our direct custody but we will have the influence to visit them and ensure that they are well looked after until their subsequent release.

This latest incidence is to confirm to the world that accidents do not just happen as the deceitful and corrupt government of President Goodluck Jonathan wants the world to believe.

Unresolved root issues compounded by the continued detention of Henry Okah, his brother Charles Okah and several others over false accusations as well as a monumental Niger Delta Amnesty fraud, can only make security and peace in the region an illusion.

Jomo Gbomo

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