Tuesday, 1 October 2013

News Release: Progressive Governors’ Forum On The State Of Nigeria’s Security

Security situation in North East States of Borno and Yobe have continued to deteriorate despite the pronouncement of State of Emergency in the region. The last couple of days have witnessed Unabated slaughtering of lives and damage to properties in what is increasingly overwhelming The security structures set up in the region.

We commiserate with the people and governments of Borno and Yobe States over the wanton killings of innocent Nigerians in Bulabulin Ngaura, Damboa and Benishekh in Borno State and just yesterday in the town of Gujba in Yobe State as well as in violent outbreaks in other parts of the country.

What is particularly worrying, especially coming from the Northeast region, is the evolving amorphous characterization of the violent attacks. It is common knowledge that even terrorist Activities are hinged on core ideological foundations and identifiable rules of engagement. However, we cannot fathom how the killing of harmless, indeed armless, students will support any goal for which the attackers struck at the middle of the night.

Clearly, the strategies and tactics currently adopted, by security agencies drafted to the region, Have been ineffectual just as they leave far too much to be desired. The latest attack on the Yobe State College of Agriculture is the second such large scale massacre of innocent civilians in The last two weeks alone.

This must worry all persons of goodwill, particularly any government that has sworn to protect lives and properties of its citizens. While we commiserate with the Government and people of Yobe and Borno States, we call on the Federal Government to immediately overhaul the tactics And rules of engagement of the security agencies deployed in these states.

The President who doubles as the Commander-­‐in-­‐ Chief also needs to get a firmer grip as well as ensure coherence in the management of the various tiers of security interventions in The affected states.

We, on our own part, shall continue to offer support to our colleagues in the affected states and to provide necessary humanitarian assistance in these extremely difficult times.


Progressive Governors' Forum 

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