Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Photonews: Poet Tade Ipadeola Wins LNG's 2013 Literature Prize

Photo Credit: The Nigeria Prize for Literature

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  1. This is to congratulate my brother,friend,co-traveller and colleague, Tade Ipadeola (Jr.) on this meritorious Nigeria 'Nobel' prize. When I MCeed the launching of your first(?) collection in 2000 at the Booksellers, Jericho, Ibadan, and the fraternity we shared with the Muse, I knew that one day, as it was predicted for the Post-Osofisan generation of Nigerian writers, we were meant for the TOP if only we can individually prove our mettle. Itz your turn on the centre-stage, Tade, dance to the rhythm of dundun and sekere and take a bow! Ise lo se. More ink to your pen! Shalom! 'Diran


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