Wednesday, 20 November 2013

News Release: “Anambra People Have Spoken” -CLO

Despite the INEC logistic problems and pockets of irregularities encountered in the Novemeber 16 2013 governorship polls in Anambra State; the people have spoken on whom they want to be their governor.

As opposed to the political chicanery, subterfuge, campaign of calumny, mudslinging, money politics and wicked propaganda unleashed on the electorates by some desperate candidates and their machineries, Anambra people have demonstrated wisdom in making their choice among the array of candidates for the election.

Though quite unfortunate that the election was declared inconclusive, what is incontrovertible remains the fact that the 429,554 total votes cast during the election was the reflection of live votes of the people manifested in one man, one vote.

The apostles of do or die politics, master riggers who indulge in mass thumb printing of ballot papers to be smuggled into the collation centers had a bad day as the heavy presence of security agents made their plans practically impossible.

We commend the Anambra electorates for their peaceful conduct so far even in the midst of provocation both during the polls and after the declaration of the election inconclusive.

The calls in some quarters for total cancellation of the election results for a fresh poll is uncalled for and not in the best interest of the Anambra populace. This is another plan to reenact the June 12 1993 saga in Anambra and should be discouraged by all peace loving citizens of Nigeria.

The INEC leadership has demonstrated courage by admitting their lapses in some areas as exhibited by some of their compromised staff.  We expect the commission to make public the names and identities of the compromised staff who will also tell Nigerians the exact truth of what transpired.

The onus now lies on the commission and the security agents to ensure that the supplementary poll will be devoid of any other form of irregularities. The date for the election should be announced immediately because delay is dangerous. The ultimate and eventual winner of Anambra guber election must emerge in an untainted and mass oriented mandate whose sovereignty was freely given by the people.

For The Civil Liberties Organization:

Comrade Aloysius Attah, Chairman, Anambra State Branch

Comrade Chibeze Nwajiaku, Secretary, Anambra State Branch

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