Sunday, 1 December 2013

News Release: African Internet/ICT Week (Dec.2-6 2013)

About the African ICT Week:
The year 2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Organization of the African Unity / African Union (OAU/AU). The OAU (precursor to the AU) was established in 1963, in Addis Ababa by 32 independent states. Today 54 African Countries are Members of AU and have ratified all it fundamental documents. Over the past 50 years, the AU has successfully addressed its major agenda of political liberalization while at the same time playing unforgettable roles in sustaining the peace and security of Africa to create the unshakable base on which the future socio economic development of countries would be built.

The 50th anniversary certainly offers a unique opportunity to pay special tribute to the generation of Pan-Africanists and the founding fathers of the AU, who in their wisdom and foresight, laid a solid foundation for the unity and solidarity of Africa. Indeed, this is a time to reflect on Africa's journey over the last five decades and celebrate the unique role played by Communication and Information Technologies (CIT: Telecom/ICT-Internet/Broadcasting & Posts) in the development of Africa as well as its invaluable contribution towards the objective of achieving integration and unity of the continent. It is also a time to look forward with great hope and optimism for the fulfillment of Africa's aspiration for peace, democracy, development and unity and, hence, reaffirm the collective determination of member States for the realization of Africa's renaissance.

Based on the above and to implement the AU organs decisions requesting all units to commemorate this event throughout the year 2013, the Department of Infrastructure and Energy (which is in charge of ICT through its Information Society Division), in collaboration with the NEPAD e-Africa Program and all its partners, is organizing an ICT Week to be celebrated across the continent. The week is meant to provide an opportunity to reflect on the gains Africa has made in harnessing ICTs towards realizing a knowledge-based economy and explore the potential of this sector to transform Africa.

During their 21st Summit held in May 2013, the African Union Heads of State and Government adopted a declaration on the African Union Vision towards 2063 (AU Vision 2063 or AU-V63). The ICT Week will be also an opportunity to explore further how Communication and Information and Technologies (CITs), will contribute to promoting this AU vision 2063, the Pan Africanism and the African Renaissance

The 2013 edition of ICT Week aims at:
1. Celebrating 50 years of achievements in ICT in Africa
 2. Discussing the challenges of ICT development in Africa
 3. Discussing Internet Governance issues
 4. Considering the Future and Trends of ICT (in Africa)
 5. Engaging with CIT Stakeholders
Ministerial round table on World Telecommunication Development Conference and World Summit on Information Society, Panel discussions, etc.


The celebrations shall gather Member States, BRICS representatives, Commissioners, Experts, Executives, etc.


Stand numbers are allocated on first come first served basis.

Expected Outcomes:

Compilation and documentation of the Major ICT achievements and challenges in Africa, et al.

AU Headquarters.

Released By:
Information Society Division,
Infrastructure and Energy Department  
African Union Commission

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