Monday, 30 December 2013

Open Letter: Letter To President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

President Jonathan

Your Excellency

Nobility and Loyalty to Our Nation I pray this letter of mine meets Your Excellency in the best of health and spirit especially this first month of the year 2014.My choice of this month after a painful interval of two weeks of silence initiated by your office speaks for itself.In a nutshell, I am guided by the teaching and blessings of the season in forwarding this letter for your perusal.

In retrospect, your Excellency met for the first time with me at
senator Aguarevwado (then NDDC MD) Thanksgiving service some years ago when you were a deputy governor. Nigerians, indeed, the world are still very much unaware of what I told you then. You will equally bear
me witness that the true picture of that day has not been made public If a presidential order will bring me forward to appear before you, I will inform you on issues of national interest that would help guide the leadership of the day and indeed Nigerians.

Please note that it is the things ignored or derogated that poses the greatest danger to the confidant ruler.

As you rightly know, every leader needs honest advice. The sure way to success is honesty and sincerity of purpose. Therefore, notwithstanding your tight programme, I wish you with every respect to you and our nation for whatever it is worth, to grant my request to appear before you. In trying to sustain pressure that I should not see you, terrible trends are being introduced into the system that would affect the nation’s lifeline. Certainly, this is not what a leader should support, talk less of championing it.

In conclusion, your Excellency, I am reaffirming my position that I have a duty to support leadership at all times for the common good of our nation. By this, I mean sincere advice and loyalty as against the contrary. The beauty of promoting affection, brotherhood and principles of “Give and Take“among citizens constitutes the primary roles of any leader like yourself. Nigeria is a nation built on trust, faith, peace, progress and development. Any contradictory intent or actions are consider a breach of peace and stability. These dominate my mind for our beloved country.

Your Excellency the content of this short letter are my open minded attitude with which you know me and appreciated my role in the Christendom before and when you became Head-of-State, C-in –C of federal republic of Nigeria. Therefore I hope wrong deductions may not be drawn rather an open and honest approach to it, the content are forwarded in a very simply English just to drive my sincere request home.

My sincere regards to your family. I pray you will employ the
teachings and blessings so brought to mankind in looking at this short letter. Wishing your Excellency success in your reign.

With regards to my highest esteem.

Onomeregbor Prophetic Voice World Outreach

And Shammah Gospel Mission,Igbogidi, Warri,
Delta State.

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