Tuesday, 1 January 2013

News Release: J12CODEF 2013 Admonitions To Nigerians

Abiola; Symbol Of June 12 Struggles In Nigeria

The June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations (J12CODEF) congratulates Nigeria and the Nigerian people whom God has spared despite all the upheavals of 2012 to witness a  new year 2013 and it is our fervent prayer that the year shall be peaceful and prosperous for us all.

As we begin the new year 2013, it is our deepest wish that our public officials at all levels of government be alive to their constitutional responsibilities in recognizing the enormous responsibilities on their shoulders so as to ameliorate the ever worsening living conditions of Nigerians who are always enjoined to make painful and limitless sacrifices without commensurate returns.

We are also using this medium to enjoin Nigerians to realize that the country’s salvation lies in the hands of us all rather than only the public officials and so it is incumbent on us all as a people to resolutely and legitimately demand responsible and responsive yearnings to our hopes and aspirations from our elected representatives at all times.

We are as well using this medium to admonish both the govern and the governed that there is urgent need to examine the present unitary structure of the Nigerian state which has kept us backward and has contributed in no small way for our being an embarrassment in the comity of civilized people. The only and sure road to a peaceful, happy and prosperous Nigeria lies in the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) where all the ethnic Nationalities and groups cohabited in the geographical expression called Nigeria will discuss unfettered for the first time the essence and structure of their coexistence in a new country that will come out of the process.

It is never too late in the day to amend one’s wrong steps no matter how long, and so it our deep desire at June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations (J12CODEF) that the Almighty will give us all the wisdom and grace to realize that the problems besetting us as a people can only be surmounted if we walk the talk rather than prayers alone because even the Christian Holy Book, the Bible admonishes us that prayer without work is vanity.

As we commence the journey of the year 2013, it is our wish that we all be strong, focused, patriotic, honest, determined and resolute in demanding the immediate convocation of a genuine Sovereign National Conference (SNC) and not a government sponsored magomago one to discuss the basis of our existence as a country and as well find lasting solutions other man made problems confronting us.

Here’s wishing all Nigerians a peaceful, happy and prosperous 2013.

Baba Omojola,                                                                        

Nelson Ekujumi
Gen. Sec.                                                                                            

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