Friday, 23 August 2013

Opinion: Imo State Deputy Governor And The Gay Story (Part 2)

Madumere; Imo State Deputy Governor

By Barr. Emperor N. Iwuala (Ksc.)

Recently, I wrote an article on the media hype and rumours which have been making the rounds for some time now concerning an alleged involvement of the Imo State Deputy Governor His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere and others in homosexual practices. I also narrated how one Sandra Duru claims that she witnessed an alleged romp between her estranged husband who was a former Transition Committee Chairman for Njaba L.G.A. of Imo State Mr. Uchenna Rajis and Prince Madumere. In the write-up, I tried to draw the attention of the personalities involved to the allegations which I said, were very weighty and not good for their image. Consequently, I advised against the danger of keeping mute over the story.

Recently, I read an article which an acclaimed Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor by name Uche Onwuchekwa wrote and syndicated to some media houses titled ‘Emperor Iwuala and Journalism of Stomach’. In the write-up, Mr. Onwuchekwa told the whole world that I used my article to extort money from people. He also blamed media houses that publish my stories casting negative aspersions on them. In synopsis, the entire article has a lot of disparaging and unprinted remarks about my style of writing.

Anybody who has been following my write-ups can confirm that I have a unique way of writing. I write on well researched facts and issues which are cogent and verifiable. On the contrary, I do not attack persons in my write-ups. Also I do not get involve in falsehood and blackmail and that is why a lot of people avoid joining issues with me in the media. The best people have succeeded in doing is attacking my person and not the issues I write on. This is because most of my facts are cogent and sacred.

Recently, some ignorant pessimists and hack writers, while trying to defend the rot in the Imo State Judiciary, came to the media to attack me over my exposition of what has been going on in that arm of government. They also tried to justify the illegal appointment of magistrates and the disobedience of court judgment ordering for the re-instatement of the sacked members of the Imo State Judicial Service Commission. Respectfully, I am today justified as the Nigerian Bar Association Owerri Branch who is a major stakeholder in the Imo Judiciary, has associated with my position over on the said rot by declaring the said appointment of new magistrates in the state illegal calling for its nullification.

In another development, sometime ago, I saw a picture published on the back page of a newspaper where the present Imo Deputy Governor was allegedly spreading notes suspected to be naira notes. I drew the attention of Mr. Onwuchekwa who claims to be the media aide to the Imo Deputy Governor. He admitted that he sent the picture to the media. However, I told him how unprofessional it was for him to send such a picture to the media for publication. Regrettably, instead of Mr. Onwuchekwa to appreciate the gravity of his professional blunder and see how best to protect the Deputy Governor’s image, he has been writing malicious and false publications against me.

Be that as it may, I am not good at wasting time discussing persons. But I wish to tell Onwuchekwa that sending a picture where his boss was spreading money to the media goes to tell much on his competence as somebody’s image maker.

In the same vein, I view it as a gross negligence on Onwuchekwa’s part to have also allowed the controversial gay story against his supposed boss to gain grounds without a strong rejoinder from him.

In his above mentioned article against me, this acclaimed media aide to my surprise, also failed to put up a strong defence for the Deputy Governor viz-a-viz the gay accusation. He only wasted his time, trying to disparage my ‘less-important person’.

Nevertheless, few days ago, the Deputy Governor called me on phone. When I picked his call, I was expecting him to speak strongly to me in anger because of the anxiety surrounding the gay story as many typical Nigerian politicians would do. But to my surprise, I heard the voice of humility and subtleness. With a voice full of emotions, the Deputy Governor gave me a different version to the whole gay story. To my greatest surprise, he told me that he had not set his eyes on the said Sandra Duru before. He also said that he was not in any way close to the man he was accused of having gay act with saying that he only knew him as a former Transition Chairman in Imo State. He completely denied the whole allegation of being involved in homosexuality strongly terming it as false and cheap blackmail.

From the tone of the Deputy Governor’s voice, I strongly suspect that an innocent man is likely being unjustly taken to the cleaners especially. However, I believe the story was badly managed by his image makers.

Nevertheless, it is good that we have now heard from the horse’s mouth. This is what the public has been expecting for long. Therefore, there may now be a sigh of relief in the minds of many as this saga has come to a final bus stop.

To God be the glory.

(Iwuala can be reached on: 08037247295)

Opinion: What A Church?

By Amita Jones

There is a Church on the Spintex road that has no sign posts or billboards. In fact, it does not have any directional sign indicating its location and yet people start arriving for Sunday service by 2am.

This is not about crusade or any special programme but usual Sunday service. When you report for service after 5am, you will not get a seat in the Church's premises but sit outside under the canopy. Amazing thing is that, people are able to sit through the service for more than 10 hours.

Guess which church I am talking about. This is T.B. Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

If I were to witness the above scene some ten years ago, I would have maintained that majority of Christians in Ghana, if not all are gullible because that is totally illogical and no amount of explanation could have convinced me. What on earth could make a person wake up such early from the comfort of one's house to go and queue as early as 2am for a church service when there are other churches around?

I would have wondered why some Christians were so lazy that now they don't even want to read the Bible but wanted fast ways to solve their problems. I have personally never sat in a church service for more than 4 hours. I call that 'time-wasting' and 'unproductive hours' at Church.

That really used to be my mentality some ten years ago until recently when I joined this group of 'gullible' Christians at SCOAN. May be, I am now more gullible than those who are at SCOAN in my bid to dig further to find out whether T.B. Joshua is a real man of God or not. I will not hesitate to say I used to doubt much of the miracles God used this man to perform but what really attracted me to search further was the campaign of calumny launched against him by other respectable men of God.

In my usual logical approach to issues, I do not just take what people say but do seek for more information independently before I draw conclusion. After I had done enough readings about SCOAN, I finally visited the Ghana branch. What happened there was beyond man's imagination and beat my logical reasoning to occurrences.

I thought people were pretending until it happened to my wife. She made serious confessions we hadn't spoken to anybody about and even revealed spiritual issues we are not aware of. This happened after the so called 'anointing' water was administered on her. I was wondering what kind of water that was. Water that could make people say a lot of things. Why didn't that water move me too but only my wife?

I became more curious and decided to travel to Nigeria with my wife to SCOAN headquarters where T.B. Joshua himself resides. We were booked into a hotel closer to the headquarters of SCOAN, where we learnt T.B. Joshua and his assistants (Wise men) reside. In the hotel, I went round looking for secret cameras or recorders that could eavesdrop on conversations for T.B. Joshua to use as prophecies, as I thought then. Having worked as a journalist for more than five years, at least I could locate strategic positions for such items and identify them. I was so suspicious to the extent that I was able to identify all the covert security guards who worked around the hotel and their movement.

I had the opportunity of entering the auditorium before the usual Sunday service. I saw visitors coming to pray in front of the altar and I went further to touch and look around for possible gadgets that could record their prayers which I suspected might be used as prophecies by T.B. Joshua and the 'Wise men'. I didn't see anything like that.

During the Sunday service, instead of concentrating on the activities and playing active role, all I did was to monitor the movements and actions of T.B. Joshua and the 'Wise men'. Things beyond my logical reasoning happened. For the first time in my life, just by a touch, I fell down, not once but several times. The more attempts I make to resist the touch of the 'Wise men' the more I'm floored. Logical reasoning had come to an end!

No wonder the rich, the poor, intellectuals, school-drop outs, politicians, army officers, police officers, fraudster, ordinary Ghanaians and other nationals report for service at the Ghana branch of SCOAN as early as 2am