Saturday, 31 August 2013

Photonews: White House Brainstorming On Syria

Photo Credit: The White House

Videonews: Putin Urges US To Hold Off On Striking Syria

Videonews: Sunday Briefing By UN Chemical Weapons Team

News Report: "Madiba is Still In Hospital In Pretoria……” Says South Africa Presidency

The Presidency of South Africa today issued a statement that the country’s first black President; Nelson Mandela, who also go by his clan name “Madiba”, is still in hospital in Pretoria, South Africa’s capital city where he has been for three months for treatment of lung infection.
The country’s presidency said in the statement that media reports that Mandela, who turned 95 recently, had been discharged were not true.

"Madiba is still in hospital in Pretoria, and remains in a critical but stable condition”, the statement said.