Sunday, 1 September 2013

U-Report: CD Criticizes FG Proposed Ban On Sales Of Drugs In Open Market

Report By Campaign For Democracy South-East Region Publicity Arm

The Campaign for Democracy (CD) has criticized the Federal Government of Nigeria for the proposed ban on sales of drugs in open market in the country.

The Federal Government on recentlyannounced that from June 30, 2014, drugs would no longer be sold in the open market throughout the country.

Dede Uzor A. Uzor, Chairman, CD South-East, criticized the government move in a news conference held in Awka, Anambra State.

Uzor noted that the call was uncalled for since it would affect the health and livelihood of over 100, 000 drugs traders and importers as well as its economic multiplier effect which touches about 10 million Nigerians.

``About 85 per cent of drug traders and importers have had their drugs registered with relevant government agencies like NAFDAC and other related bodies. These bodies are closely monitoring the activities and movement of these drugs produced or imported by traders into the country. These drugs had been certified by various agencies”.

``The centres of State Mega Drug Distribution Centres (SMDDCs) have limited spaces and shops to cater for the drug and medication needs of the growing population of the country. Presently, the country also lacked adequate pharmaceutical man-power to man the proposed Federal Government system of distribution”.

``The drug markets in the country with over 100,000 drug traders and importers would be put out of business, which would compound the present unemployment challenge in the country. “It is also clear that the ratio of fake and sub-standard Drugs in the country had continued to drop from about 16 per cent 10 years ago to about 4 per cent presently; with traders and market unions collaborating with NAFDAC to further reduce the ratio,’’ the CD regional Chairman said.

The chairman blamed the Federal Government for the porosity of the country’s borders where he said smugglers have field day importing unchecked and adulterated drugs into the country.

``CD is calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to sack the Minister of Health for not having a clear vision and for incompetence in handling matters of serious economic and health concern. If tomorrow the SMDDCs go on strike, the whole country would be held to ransom,’’ Uzor emphasized.

Opinion: Resistance Makes The Difference

By Jaye Gaskia

Where people have struggled ceaselessly for social justice and social emancipation to make their governments, politicians and business people accountable, the difference is very clear!

Take these two cases, and the lessons we need to learn from them: In the UK, the Board Chairman, the CEO and the COO of Barclays Bank have all resigned. Why? Because the Bank over which they preside was implicated in, found guilty of, and fined for fixing inter-bank lending rates known as the LIBOR for several years, even at the height of the current global crisis of capitalism in 2007/8! In his resignation, the Chair stated that ‘the buck stops with me, at my desk’. He owned up, took responsibility. Of course there was pressure, but he and his two immediate subordinates eventually did what was expected of them by norm and custom; they accepted responsibility and bowed out!

In Nigeria on the other hand, the NNPC has been implicated, indicted and put at the center and driving seat of arguably the biggest and the most mind boggling case of corruption and fraud yet in our history; by two separate and independent investigative committees – one by the HoR, and the other at the instance of FEC!
Yet unlike in the UK case, in the Nigerian case, it took ceaseless public outrage and outcry, in addition to two protests [April 23rd and June 28th 2012] for the presidency to act, and sack the Board of the NNPC against their will; telling them to proceed on early retirement to enjoy their loot in the comfort of their homes, away from the prying eyes of the MOB [yes, that is what they call us now! The same mob that mobilised to get the president named Acting president when it was the right thing to do, while others did not so want him; the same mob that came out to vote for him during the general elections]!

And on top of this, the chair of the NNPC board who is also the Minister of Petroleum resources is sitting firm in office! No one has taken responsibility! No one thinks they owe us an explanation much less retributive punishment; NO ONE GIVES A DAMN!

It is incidences like this, where public officials and business people, big men and big women act and loot in the certain knowledge that no one is going to hold them to account, no one will punish them, and that instead they expect to be protected; it is instances like this that has bred the IMPUNITY in governance that has enabled corruption to become so pervasive, endemic and systemic as to have become the main obstacle to National Development, to the Improvement of the conditions of living and wellbeing of the citizens; contributing to break down of Social Cohesion, and dragging our nation to the edge of a cataclysmic precipice!

It is also incidences like these two cases that continue to make it incumbent on us, the victims of their pillage and gang raping, to persist with building our Mass Protest Movement, Consolidating on Strengthening our Mass Resistance to tyranny and injustice, towards a groundswell of popular storm that will help sweep away the rubbish and cleanse the Augean stable.


Lessons In Ensuring Collective Security And Building Unity:
Elsewhere in Africa, in Kenya, in response to the recent wave of attacks on churches by Al- Quada linked Al-Shabab, the council of Muslim Leaders have resolved to establish together with Christian leaders, Armed Muslim Vigilante Groups to protect and defend Christians while worshiping in their churches!

This is so similar to what we did and achieved during the 10 days of the January Uprising that I think it is a commendable example for us here in Nigeria! Instead of allowing our enemies in and out of government to divide us along religious and ethnic lines as a result of the increasing spate of attacks, LET MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS COME TOGETHER AND TAKE TURNS TO DEFEND PLACES OF WORSHIP DURING WORSHIP DAYS!

This is a clarion call to all citizens to act; only us can ensure our own protection, and only if we act together! Supporting this united action will be general strikes and rallies by workers to protest growing insecurity and demand protection from their government!

Let Us Come Together To End Impunity Now!

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News Release: Progressive Governors' Forum Congratulate Break-Away PDP Governors

The Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) welcome the PDP split of August 31, 2013 and the emergence of Abubakar Kawu Baraje led PDP as a necessary and inevitable result of repressive rule of the PDP. Recent events, first with the orchestrated crisis in the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), suspension and expulsion of PDP leaders, including serving Governors without fair hearing and complete demonstration of lack of tolerance and respect for different opinions are signposts of crisis that should unavoidably result in the split of any organization.

The PGF commend the courage and resilience of the Baraje-led PDP and in particular congratulate all the serving PDP Governors for standing up to be counted among patriotic political leaders of Nigeria. It must no doubt be a conscious decision that must have been borne out of commitment to make all the sacrifices needed to rescue our dear nation from the current reign of terror and bad governance.

As serving governors too, we are ready to support, work with our colleagues in partnership and solidarity with the goal of facilitating accelerated human development by embracing policies and programs to improve quality of life of all Nigerian citizens, eradicate poverty and create jobs in the country. We are under no illusion that our reality as a nation today calls for both intra and inter party networking.

We are therefore ready to transform our relationship with all serving governors irrespective of our partisan differences in order to move our dear country, Nigeria, forward.

Nigeria has outlived all dictatorships in the past and will definitely outlive any present or latent, manifest or potential dictatorship. Congratulations!


Progressive Governors Forum