Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Article: The Belated Outbursts Of Imo State House Speaker’s Former Aide

Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

 By Chinomso I.K

It has become habitual of people on this side of the world to always create a sympathy-attracting furor after quitting a place of work, especially in cases of sack or resignation. Casting aspersions or using the tool of calumny to try to get public support or sympathy against a previous employer (person or an institution) for embittered reasons that seeks to damage them.

My worry is not about why or what they say, everyone is entitled to his/her opinions; it is a free world after all! But how they say, channel and time their supposed grouse leaves so much to ponder.

Especially for one who claims to be a social crusader, Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha, should at least know better than attempt to invoke a public debate on apparently personal issues between him and persons within the Speakers office. If his latest attack against the Speaker explains his social crusades, then without mincing words it can only be a harbinger of social extinction, which clearly reveals the journey of a selfish crusader, redundant and looking for newer opportunities by blackmails which well-massages an over bloated ego that all the while has given him the false impression of a non-existing popularity.

He may think himself smart, raising unsubstantiated accusations against the Chief of Staff to the Speaker and some others. For crying out loud, I thought this man was assigned to oversee the Speaker’s media department or has it now become a function of an in-house media arm to spy on administrative affairs for blackmail purposes or was he, Samuelson, involved in some racketeering that didn’t favor him, I really can’t fathom how a supposed image maker suddenly becomes the image breaker, like the adage says: “surely the goose in man will one day come to roost”. It clearly shows that his appointment was a square peg in a round hole, but for the love of the Rt. Honorable Speaker, Chief Benjamin Uwajumogu. A warning to future employers!

I am also aware that history does not associate him with the workings of the media, which clearing informs his mis-use of the vast opportunity before him as the then Senior Special Assistant to the Rt. Honorable Speaker on media. He made no positive mark, rather he preferred to become a media-privateer, allowing his ordeal in the hands of the previous Governor, Sir Ikedi Ohakim, to overwhelm his professional responsibility as the media head to the Office of the Rt. Honorable Speaker, which is an astute display of weakness; not having the power to separate emotions from his work. But it further confirms his rancid habit of always mis-directing personal issues like he is currently doing.

In his piece, he said he wrote to the Speaker over the rot going on his Office. If he actually wrote as he said, did he wait for the Speaker’s response to his letter before deciding to go public? Or he simply wanted to “cry louder than the bereaved”? What was he trying to achieve through his publication? Funny though, he claimed he could see himself in the Speaker, but would the Speaker have gone this far? NO!

To utter slander about the person of the Chief of Staff to the Rt. Honorable Speaker, Chief Kodichi Anamekwe, is most unfortunate. Also insulting the present Senior Special Assistant to the Rt. Honorable Speaker on media, Emeka Ahaneku, calling him unprintable names presents him a bad loser, showing the worthless height he can take personal issues, a cacophonous life one may say!

The Chief of Staff was a two time transition committee Chairman in Ihitte/Uboma local Government Area, with no trace of fraud or corrupt practices throughout his stay. Coming from a family with a great political history, he continued where his father stopped, and has since not stopped! I guess his administrative agility attracted the Speaker to him, though they have come a long way together. So it is unwarranted when such cooked-up allegations are made against such persons. I crave he overlooks; if possible forgive this apparently untutored nature of an ignorant social crusader.

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