Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Open Letter: Unlawful Eviction Of Tenant By Lagos Landlord

11th February  2014

The Area Commander,
Nigeria Police,
Area B Command,
Apapa, Lagos.

Dear Sir,


With due respect, I have the mandate of the governing board of Centre for Rights and Grassroots Initiative (CRGI) to present to you the above named organization which is a civil society organization that is at the vanguard for a just, peaceful and democratic society.

In keeping with our mandate, I want to use this medium to urgently petition your good office and seek justice in a case of illegal, unlawful, fraudulent eviction and violation of the fundamental human right of Mr. Clement Agbaji (a tenant) living at No. 3 Ojora Street, Ajegunle Apapa, Lagos by his Landlord Mr. Ariyo Ola on Friday 10th January 2014.

Sir, Mr. Clement Agbaji is a tenant occupying a room and parlour apartment at No. 3 Ojora Street for over six (6) years without any record of inability to pay his rents or other sundry charges and has never been found wanting in the discharge of his responsibility as a tenant in the aforementioned premises. (Photocopies of his rent receipt are attached).

However, on Friday 10th January 2014, Mr. Clement Agbaji returned home from work only to meet his belongings and that of his son living with him Mr. Joseph Agbaji thrown out of the house and the key to his apartment changed. The said personal belongings are still on the road, (See photos attached). On investigation, he was told by the landlord, Mr. Ariyo Ola that he was the one who threw out his properties based on a court judgement of which Mr.  Clement Agbaji was never served nor aware of.

Mr. Clement Agbaji was neither served a quit notice nor a court summons to appear and so he’s surprised how the landlord was able to obtain a questionable judgement to evict him without notice.

Mr. Clement Agbaji thereafter went to Ajeromi Police Station to lodge a complaint but was rebuffed by the Nigeria Police who told him that his eviction was executed with their knowledge based on a court judgement obtained by the landlord against Mr. Agbaji and all efforts to explain his side of the story fell on deaf ears. The officer assigned to Mr. Agbaji’s case is identified as Supol Kunle.

Ever since this illegal, unlawful, fraudulent eviction and violation of his fundamental human right, Mr. Clement Agbaji has made every concerted and peaceful effort to make the landlord see reason and reinstate him to his apartment to no avail. Consequently, Mr. Agbaji’s properties have been destroyed by weather conditions and his health compromised due to this eviction that has made him resort to sleeping in the open space and sometimes inside vehicles in the neighbourhood.

We are hereby using this medium to urgently implore you to use your good office to investigate the source of the court judgement used in evicting Mr. Clement Agbaji without service in order to ensure prosecution of the culprits.

We are also demanding justice in this matter by ensuring that the fundamental rights of Mr. Clement Agbaji which had been crudely violated is restored through the prosecution of the Landlord, Mr. Ariyo Ola.


Yours Sincerely,

Nelson Ekujumi,
Executive Director

CC: The Commissioner of Police,
Lagos state Police Command,
State Headquarters,
Ikeja, Lagos.

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