Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Poem: “Hosanna!”, “Crucify Him!”

By Chidi Anthony Opara

I, Brigadier Sanni.....

The steel voice

From the talk box

Voiced change.

We made merry,

We hollered “hosanna!”

The duo of unsmiling faces

Faced us

And forced us to retreat

From repulsive reputation.

We retreated,

We relapsed.

We retreated

And relapsed again.

I, Brigadier Sanni……….

The steel voice again

Stole into our eardrums,

We made merry again.


We hollered “hosanna!”

The smiling magic man

Stepped onto the stage

And mesmerized us with magic.

The magic man stepped aside,

We sighed in relief.

I, General Sanni……

That steel voice again,

We hollered “hosanna!” again.

The carrot dangled

Disappeared whence it came.

We sang war songs,

The warrior replied with war.

We cried,

We still cry,

“Crucify him!”

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