Tuesday, 15 April 2014

News Release: Nyanya (ABUJA) Bombing Is Another Attack On Humanity

Scene Of The Nyanay(Abuja) Bombing

The Centre for Rights and Grassroots Initiative(CRGI) is shocked, horrified, devastated, saddened and condemns in the strongest terms the crude, barbaric, horrifying, satanic and inhuman attack on humanity by the bombing which caused collateral damage to human lives, limbs and properties in Nyanya bus park, Abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria yesterday Monday 14/04/2014.

It is our fervent prayer that the Almighty should grant the deceased eternal rest, their families the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss, the injured, God’s divine healing and the rest of us, the grace to overcome this psychological trauma that we are being subjected to everyday in our national life.

This attack on humanity of a bombing has once again reinforced the fact that proffering solution to the issue of security challenges confronting our country has become so gargantuan that it cannot be left to the government or security agencies, hence all hands must be on deck to find a lasting solution to this social menace.

It is in hearkening to this clarion call that the Centre for Rights and Grassroots Initiative (CRGI) would like to call on the Nigerian authorities to be humble enough to seek international assistance to combat these acts of terrorism which has overwhelmed our security agencies and is fast becoming a way of life here and as well enter into bilateral agreements with her neighbors in this global fight against enemies of humanity.

We would also like to call on the Nigerian government to come to terms with the fact that the war against terrorism and criminality can only be won by the use of scientific methods and so they should step up their intelligence and surveillance apparatus by putting in place modern and up to date security systems and as well as equip and motivate personnel to be professional and diligent in the discharge of their constitutional responsibilities.

We as well want to admonish the perpetrators and sponsors of this orgy of violence to sheathe their sword and allow reason to prevail because there is no justification for this wanton waste of innocent lives, limbs and properties which is a crime against God and humanity. We are also appealing to our religious and traditional institutions to help come to our societal rescue by preaching and counseling against extremism in the conduct of human affairs.

It is also important to state that a major reason for the security challenges confronting us a people is a consequence of the army of unemployed youths and able bodied men and women roaming the streets without any tangible means of livelihood, thus justifying the adage that the idle hands is the devils workshop and so there is need for concerted efforts to arrest the alarming rate of unemployment in the land.

However, we want to re-emphasize once more that it is important for all to know that our world and society will only know peace if there is justice and equity in the conduct of human affairs whether at the individual, institutions or governmental levels and so it is important to harp on the fact that a sure and only way to combat terrorism globally is in the enthronement of political, economic and social justice.


Nelson Ekujumi,
Executive Director

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