Friday, 2 May 2014

News Release: We Will Not Be Cowed By Terror

The Progressive Governors Forum, PGF is deeply concerned about the growing state of insecurity and the volatile nature that bus parks across the nation that seems to have become magnets for Boko Haram’s mass murder tactics.
Our heart and prayers go out to families affected by yet another senseless attack on innocent citizens. In just 17 days after the first bombing at Nyanya, Abuja that left over seventy people dead, and hundreds still battling to recover from their injuries, another bomb has gone off again, on a day that is meant to be peaceful.

The ceaseless attacks have gone beyond keeping count of the number; there can be no justification for such wanton waste of lives and property that has no real purpose and no clear target. The current state of affairs has left many citizens hopeless and wondering where the next target may be. Never in the life time of this country have there been such incessant killings; but we refused to be cowed by the antics of terror and their nebulous agenda.

On the part of government, the finger-pointing must stop. It is appalling to see the finger pointing that goes on every time there is a major disaster; which is now very often. We must come together to assure Nigerians that we care for their security and are determined to do everything in our power to secure their lives and property.

As Progressive Governors, it is our view that the security challenges confronting Nigeria calls for unorthodox tactics. We demand that the on-going National Conference should now be devoted to discussing and finding solutions to our security challenges. It is not a one-man task.

May I, therefore, on behalf of the Progressive Governors Forum, restate our commitment to setup a Trust Fund in support of victims of terror. My colleagues and I will make our contributions to the fund known in due course.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha
Chairman, Progressive Governors Forum

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