Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Open Letter: Nigerian Citizen Replies Deputy Senate President On Board Appointments

Ike Ekweremadu

Dear Senator Ike Ekweremadu

I hope this message finds you well…and extend my greetings to your family.

I will not go further without inquiring about the Chibok girls. Any hope yet? Our prayer in this trying time is for our leaders to unify efforts toward the safe return of these innocent children.

I read with dismay that you have been “denying” positions to our people for selfish interests. My attention has also been drawn to your response thus far since this matter went viral on the social media. Immediately below is a portion of the original mail as published in different fora through your Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Uche Anichukwu:

 “It would have been a big surprise if SKC did not think or write the way he did here. His anti-Ekweremadu tendencies are renowned. So, there is nothing new about it. Sadly for him, evidences of Ekweremadu's quality representation, at least completed road, water, electricity projects in Ugbo (not among the "claimed" as he insinuated) are like the tortoise's excreta into which he has stepped. Try hard as he may, he would never be able to clean. His only choice is to cut of his leg to spite the truth.”

Ordinarily, I shouldn’t stoop this low to helm the manner of your writing with a reply. But I am compelled to do so for very good reasons:

First, besides your position as the Deputy Senate President, I truly applaud the courage this time for coming out open instead of the crude habit of slandering my person on different media with fake names.

Second, for the umpteenth time, I am not anti-you, Ekweremadu per se. SKC Ogbonnia is simply anti-corruption, no matter whose ox is gored.

Third, it amounts to a perennial perfidy to continue to tout some quasi government projects in my town as the evidence of your stewardship—without coming “clean” with the true costs of such projects and the whereabouts of the library you claimed to have attracted to the same town but found to be nonexistent—and has never existed.  

Finally, notice that your pattern of propaganda on the news media no longer provokes any positive attention from the people. Why? Your politics will continue to lack credibility until you dutifully address the original questions on the various phantom projects listed in your list of accomplishments.

Recall this: PHANTOM PROJECTS: Ekweremadu resorts to deceit and slander

Anything less is a case of attempting to fetch water with an Ugbo basket: It does not hold. Think! 

Back to the main issue: Your politics, Nsukka, John “Nnia” Nwodo, and job flight.

When I lamented last year that you were trading off opportunities due the Igbos (including a sixth Igbo state) to curry favor from outside, you resorted to undue intimidation and blackmail.
When I cautioned you few months ago for the failure to attract any meaningful appointment to our constituency since being in senate for over a decade, you thundered back, and went as far as unleashing the brute weight of your office on my family including wife, innocent children, aged mother, my late younger brother, and late father, the Ikeoha. But lo and behold, the truth is finally coiling out:

“Mr. Deputy Senate President, outside the NNPC, no board is more important than the Education Trust Fund in Nigeria. You denied your own people a position on that board and brought it to an Nsukka man. This is just one out of the many federal appointments and numerous visible infrastructural development projects, which the Senator has attracted to Nsukka Zone…”

My Senator, those were the exact words of your newly minted confidante, a seasoned lawyer, political hummer, two-time minister, and former presidential candidate, John Ogbonnia Nwodo, during a recent Ekweremadu 2015 Statewide Chieftaincy tour. (See full story:

No doubt, politics is a dirty game but you can rise above the fray. It is time to come clean with the masses, including the Nsukka people that Nnia Nwodo thinks he is born to mislead. The reason you ‘deny’ the people of Enugu West at the state level and the Igbos at the national level is twofold:  First is that the nature of your inferiority complex abhors competition. Thusly, any promising figure or serious individual empowerment is a threat. Next is blind ambition: You had planned to become Nigeria’s Vice President or governor of Enugu State in 2015 until you came face to face with the stark reality that the future of Igbo politics is now beyond Cash`n`Carry, zoning not withstanding. Besides, you had conveyed on two different occasions that it is “a wishful thinking for any PDP loyalist to aspire to an important position in Enugu State without the blessing of the sitting governor.” So, what has changed?

Accordingly, please cease and desist from the bogus statewide tours and focus on the real job you are placed to do. Instead of contributing as the Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic to the rescue efforts for the Chibouk girls or other national crises currently rocking Nigeria, instead of joining hands to find solutions to Igbo age-long problems, and instead of ensuring that projects you claimed to have attracted to our constituency truly exist; you are gaily masquerading from village to village renting crowds and assuming primitive accolades.


SKC Ogbonnia

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